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White Gold Day Date With Lapis Lazuli Dial, Swiss Watch Replica

Today, we are talking about the old date Platinum Ref. 18239. Its manufacturing period was probably from 1988 to 2000. It is equipped with caliber 3155, has an energy storage of about 48 hours, and adds a quick day adjustment function. The case is not as thick as the previous model, and the bracelet still […]

Only With Real Strength Can You Be Calm Everywhere; Swiss Watch Replicas

When discussing watches and cars, many people nowadays think they are no longer pure timing and transportation tools but only have a single attribute. They are also a manifestation of status symbols. Next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV Although we can’t define what kind of car and watch is the standard equipment for successful people, what is […]

Explorer With 93150 Submariner Bracelet? Rolex Swiss Replica Watches

This time, I am sharing an explorer Ref.14270 produced in 1994. It is an American warranty card with complete accessories, and the watch number starts with S. For watch collectors, it is an explorer who must pass the road. Although the production period is only about ten years (about 1990-2000), there are many exciting details […]

Interpretation, Why Does Rolex Have “Two Hairsprings”? Swiss Replica Watches

Players familiar with Rolex know that Rolex, currently on sale, uses two types of hairsprings. Rolex uses Parachrom blue niobium hairsprings on men’s watches. Over the years, there have been many discussions about these two kinds of hairsprings for Rolex, such as why Rolex uses two types of hairsprings. Why didn’t Rolex replace the blue […]

Tasting The Rolex Voyager, Swiss Watches Replicas

The Rolex SKY-DWELLER watch debuted at Baselworld in 2012. Once released, it has many outstanding patented technologies, plus the combination of an annual calendar and dual time zones, making it the most complicated Rolex watch. One. SKY-DWELLER’s unique double time zone function is designed for global travelers in a new way, providing them with the […]

In 2023, Rolex’s Sincere Work Became “Her.” Fake Rolex For Sale

At this year’s watch fair, the new Day-Date ladies’ watch launched by the Rolex brand is a stunning model suitable for powerful heroines! The Rolex Day-Date type was born in 1956. The unique calendar magnifying glass was also a remarkable achievement in that year, ahead of the trend. I always feel that Rolex watches have […]

Practical Experience, How To “Check” Rolex? Replica Watches Rolex

Discontinued Rolex 116710 Oyster Bracelet Blue Black Circle Although the title is “How to Check Rolex,” some of the following experiences are common to all famous watches, but Rolex is the most typical. In addition to the market situation of Rolex, many popular models are not available in specialty stores. Buy them in the secondary […]

Datejust Series Of Buckley Dials, Replica Rolex Watches

This time I share the antique log series Ref.16014 produced in 1984. It was built between 1977 and 1988. The movement was upgraded from the previous generation, Cal.1570, to Cal.3035. The most obvious difference is that the calendar can be adjusted quickly, and the watch mirror is also the last generation of plastic material. The […]

Four Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 Watches, Best Rolex Replica

Rolex presents masterpieces of watches with its superb and professional watchmaking skills. Among them, the dials of Datejust 36 and Cosmograph Daytona are even more exquisite. The dial is the first impression of a watch. The dial of Rolex embodies ingenuity and vitality, and the light falls on the dial, exuding an intelligent and dazzling […]