White Gold Day Date With Lapis Lazuli Dial, Swiss Watch Replica

Today, we are talking about the old date Platinum Ref. 18239. Its manufacturing period was probably from 1988 to 2000. It is equipped with caliber 3155, has an energy storage of about 48 hours, and adds a quick day adjustment function. The case is not as thick as the previous model, and the bracelet still uses the last head-shaped strap. Until the mid-1990s, some styles used three precious metals: gold, Platinum, and rose gold. Similar to other types, several details have changed during its 12 years of production. For example, the diamond base of the dial with diamonds became rounded around 1995, and the luminous paint changed in 1998. Became Luminova luminous. Next, let’s take a look at the specific styles. Swiss watch replica.

This is a day-date Ref. 18239 produced in 1999, and it is also a rare model with a lapis lazuli dial that attracts a lot of attention. The lapis lazuli has been mentioned before so I won’t give a detailed explanation here. Compared with the black agate dial that has become popular in recent years, some natural stone dials, such as lapis lazuli, have been very eye-catching in the past. Even among the same natural stones, lapis lazuli dials are extraordinary and can even be considered Platinum. Rolex is one of the ceilings, and now the online market is getting higher and higher.

Although the lapis lazuli dial in the picture is not this watch’s original dial, it differs from the black onyx dial that has been exchangeable in recent years. The lapis lazuli dial has not been switchable for long, so it is beneficial even as an exchange dial. Worth a replica watch. Since lapis lazuli is a natural stone, the expression of each dial is different. The deep and alternating shades of blue look stunning, and no cracks are visible on the dial. The diamonds at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock look even more perfect. By the way, if there are any cracks on a lapis lazuli dial, it will lose its rarity value, so you must carefully check for cracks when choosing such an unconventional dial.

The frame of the day calendar is wrapped with a metal edge, giving it an indescribable special feeling. The slight gap between the case and the dial is also fascinating. Watches that look like natural stones have this feature. Although the issue has been polished, the shape of the case and bezel are maintained very well. The strap is matched with the head-shaped strap 8385 and does not feel loose. Nowadays, the natural stone dials among Rolex’s rare dials are attracting more and more attention. Due to the scarcity of the quantity and the circulation quantity, many watches are made of yellow metal. The circulation of the Platinum watches is infrequent, and even more, Not to mention the dial is still made of natural stone.

Band Length: 18cm
Series: Day-Date
Dial Color: White Dial
Case Size: 41mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: 218239
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm

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