Only With Real Strength Can You Be Calm Everywhere; Swiss Watch Replicas

When discussing watches and cars, many people nowadays think they are no longer pure timing and transportation tools but only have a single attribute. They are also a manifestation of status symbols.

Next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

Although we can’t define what kind of car and watch is the standard equipment for successful people, what is certain is that a potent car and watch is everyone’s first choice.

As for the definition of strength, it can be a brilliantly designed appearance and highly luxurious interior, or it can be described as an artistically decorated movement, or it can be high-energy and powerful power performance, accurate and stable travel time performance. Still, the most crucial strength point is that they are revealed from the inside out from the beginning to the end; the outside and the interior are the same.

But when we discuss further, what exactly is a robust watch? My first reaction was some dual-time function replica watches. Although the dual time function is specially made for people who often travel abroad and have travel needs, it is convenient for them to watch the time in the second time zone through simple adjustments. But, because each brand’s second-time zone display also has its characteristics, it can make the dial display more abundant, thus giving the watch some unique texture. Swiss watch replicas.

Rolex Voyager Series Watches

The Rolex Sky-Dweller series watch is the representative. I pay attention to the vertical sailer because Federer wore the trophy held by the blue plate when he won the men’s singles championship at the Australian Open, which left a deep impression on me. Taking this as a guide and then an in-depth understanding of this series of watches, it condensed Rolex’s superb watchmaking technology and micro-mechanical technology manufacturing strength.

Long Voyager, the most complicated Rolex watch, has a 9001 movement, integrating the annual calendar and dual time functions. However, these two complex functions are relatively easy to make, and top watch brands can complete them, but the problem is it depends on how you want to do it.

For Rolex, if the watch presents a window display like the antique ref.6062 or the GMT pointer of Greenwich, it may be better not to do it. Finally, the vertical navigator uses the 24-hour display on the inner panel with the inverted triangle indicator, and the second time zone information can be read at a glance. As for the Sharo calendar, the function of automatically distinguishing large and small months is only provided with 12 small windows above the scale, and the dark red indicator represents the current month.

And the vertical navigator also showed ingenuity in the adjustment method. Through the Ring Command operating system, an interface that connects the rotating outer ring, winding crown, and movement allows the wearer to adjust the watch’s functions easily. Behind the simple and intuitive operation is a complex mechanical assembly containing more than 50 parts. Is it a strength to simplify complex tasks while maintaining practicality?

Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series 5164

When Patek Philippe is in the two places, including the attainments in the world time function, it is the top existence in the watch field. When many friends come into contact with these two functions of Patek Philippe for the first time, they will feel that they are very complicated and need to learn how to adjust them. Still, once they are used, they will find they seem complex but straightforward and easy to use.

However, when it comes to Patek Philippe’s dual-time function, many watch friends still think of the classic traditional formal style 5134, the new 5224, or the Nautilus dual-time 5990. I prefer the dual time 5164 of the Aquanaut grenade.

There are several reasons. One is that it is easy to use. 5164 has a pair of hour hands, one solid and one hollow. You only need the wearer to pass the left hand when you unify the arrows on the dial as the departure time and then set off until the plane lands. The two small ear buttons can directly adjust the main clockwise or counterclockwise until the local time is displayed, and the remaining hollow hands will become your departure time. The two places can be further distinguished by day and night display through the two small windows on the dial.

The other reason is the 5164, the first casual-style two-time watch launched by Patek Philippe. The style between sports and leisure allows it to cope with any occasion calmly. Including the actual comfortable wearing experience of the tape, it has also become the daily wear watch of Terry Stern, the current president of Patek Philippe, which is enough to show the strength of 5164. From all aspects, Patek Philippe interprets the true meaning of travel watches it understands through machinery: legibility, convenience, comfort, and watchmaking craftsmanship that collectors love.

Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF Series Rattrapante Dual Time Watch

Since the launch of the Parmigiani Tonda PF series watches, they generally give people a sense of refinement and low-key. At the same time, it incorporates an aesthetic concept of less is more in design. The exquisite details are created so that the watch can be described as an appropriate luxury in terms of sensory experience.

Regarding function, Parmigiani Fleurier also interpreted the essence of the two places to be the purest. For Parmigiani Fleurier, it has made an inevitable trade-off between practicality and beauty. To ensure that the traveler can quickly and conveniently adjust the watch without stopping the clock after the plane lands, and no longer set the day and night display or 24-hour display and date window to show the pure and simple beauty of the watch.

The dual time function of this Tonda PF series chasing hands double time watch is adjusted by pressing the button on the side of the eye. When you no longer need to display the second time zone, press the rose gold button on the crown to display the second time zone. The silver hour hand in the second time zone will catch up immediately, and the golden hollow needle representing the home time overlaps with it. Returning home will no longer affect the wearer’s enjoyment of the simple and elegant dial.

Through a small ingenious idea of “flying back to the design,” Parmigiani Fleurier has changed the presentation form of the conventional two-time function. Between the contradiction between design aesthetics and watchmaking skills, it does not make compromises and chooses what it wants. Let this split-second two-time watch consistently show its strength on the outside and inside to satisfy discerning collectors.

And when talking about the strength representatives in the watch field, what are the car’s strengths?

On July 10, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV was officially launched in China. As a veritable all-terrain king, this series of Mercedes-Benz models has inherited the robust performance of the G-Class off-road vehicle since its birth in 1997. Perfectly combining the luxurious and comfortable driving experience of Mercedes-Benz, the M-class SUV creates a precedent for medium and large luxury SUVs.

Today, the M-Class, the predecessor of Mercedes-Benz’s mid-to-large luxury SUV, and the current GLE have gained recognition from more than 2 million customers worldwide. And recognition is also the most intuitive manifestation of strength.

See strength

After the overall design of the GLE was updated in 2018, many people felt that the new design language of Mercedes-Benz was too subversive, but just like the W222 and the eleventh-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class model W223, after some time, I found that whether it is GLE or S, it is more pleasing to the eye. Mercedes-Benz has always used facts to prove that it leads the trend and is always at the forefront of design.

The release of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV is a mid-term facelift of the GLE model. The appearance changes are not much different from the previous model, but it incorporates Mercedes-Benz’s “sensual and pure” design aesthetics. More refined.

The changes are mainly focused on the front and rear of the car. Based on the family-style design genes, Mercedes-Benz turns the three-pointed star emblem into a starlight flow through the new night screen galaxy grille. The newly designed geometric multi-beam LED headlights and AMG-looking sports components bring a more substantial visual impact to the front of the car. , full of details and a more sporty style.

The body size of 4927×2018×1797mm, thanks to the retention of the classic yacht-style C-pillar design, finds a balance between toughness and elegant streamlines when viewed from the side of the car. The new taillight design has also been adjusted to echo the front and rear lights. The overall aura of the car’s body is still strong, showing its strength everywhere without being overly flashy.

When the driver opens the door, the dynamic star emblem welcome light will also project the star emblems to the ground. Adding a sense of ritual to life has always been a pleasure for the body and mind.

Multiplied by strength

The interior design of the new GLE continues the family design language. As the leader of the dual-screen design, the facelifted GLE first retains this design, and the whole series is equipped with a standard Nappa leather-trimmed multifunctional steering wheel. The brand-new air-conditioning outlet, after chrome-plated details, fully demonstrates luxury and elegance.

The Burmester surround sound system has been upgraded to support Dolby panoramic sound effects. With 64-color ambient lights, under the alternation of gorgeous light and shadow, it is not limited to what the eyes see but also a feast of hearing and ride comfort. The all-round luxury experience of GLE is spontaneous. Born.

As for the primary upgrade experience of GLE, we can also focus on smart security. The MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system has been upgraded to version 2.0, which supports dual voice commands and delayed listening. Simply put, it is more intelligent. Just say “Hello, Mercedes-Benz” and call out the voice assistant to recognize multiple pieces of information, such as helping the driver open the sunroof and adjust the temperature inside the car simultaneously.

Head-up display HUD, critical information is mapped on the front windshield when driving, combined with AR real-time traversing navigation assistance, complex road images, superimposed 3D dynamic instructions, and real-time display on the car screen at a glance.

At present, all GLE series are equipped with an enhanced version of driving assistance components as standard, including an active stop-and-go assist system, active lane change assist system, intelligent pilot distance limiter, intelligent pilot steering, active blind spot assist, active brake assist, and 360° surround view. It is integrated with many technologies, such as smart parking. Everything is to reduce driving stress and provide protection before risks occur to ensure safety to a greater extent.

Control strength

The new generation of GLE has achieved full electrification in terms of power. Whether the GLE 450 is equipped with the M256 inline six-cylinder engine or the M254 inline four-cylinder engine used in the GLE 350, both are equipped with a 48-volt ISG mild hybrid power system.

ISG integrated start-up and power generation technology allows GLE to start immediately and moisten things silently while driving and can respond quickly and flexibly to allocate power applications. The new GLE is equipped with an off-road mode as standard, allowing the driver to calmly deal with all scenarios, from outdoor non-paved roads to daily urban driving, and conquer all road conditions with strength.

When choosing two places to match the watch with the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV, not only because they are synonymous with strength in their respective fields but also because the essence of both is the original intention of creation, both to take you farther In places where you can use your travel experience all over the world to prove your strength, you can perform it calmly.

Exquisite watchmaking skills and practical, functional considerations make these three dual-time watches extremely powerful. The new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV, through the luxury quality, intelligent experience, and all-around pursuit of driving performance, has once again refreshed the definition of strength for luxury mid-to-large SUVs.

Series: Sky-dweller
Model: m326934-0003
Band Length: 19.5cm
Band Width: 21mm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Gender: Men’s

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