In 2023, Rolex’s Sincere Work Became “Her.” Fake Rolex For Sale

At this year’s watch fair, the new Day-Date ladies’ watch launched by the Rolex brand is a stunning model suitable for powerful heroines!

The Rolex Day-Date type was born in 1956. The unique calendar magnifying glass was also a remarkable achievement in that year, ahead of the trend. I always feel that Rolex watches have an attractive charm, probably because of the vicious and forward-looking vision of the founder Hans Wilsdorf. Politicians and prominent figures wear their hands. When mentioning Rolex watches it has become a “special symbol” of personal achievement and worth! Fake rolex for sale.

The 36mm Oyster case is made of 18K rose gold. This is a veritable gold watch, not to mention how extravagant it is. It is the icing on the cake, with the inlay of 52 round diamonds (about 1.36ct) on the bezel. There are gold and diamonds, which means “progress and earn.”

I have studied the unique dials produced by Rolex before. This brand likes to make a variety of unique dials. The common ones include mother-of-pearl discs, enamel discs, diamond discs, etc.; some niche ones also have unique stone materials. Even wood fossil materials are available, and this watch is also made of special stone materials: green Aventurine, many aventurine dials we have seen before, such as Athens whimsy, and Lange 1 platinum star blue, all made of blue Aventurine; this is the first time the author has seen green Aventurine. This kind of dial is more varied than ordinary green or green sun pattern dials. If blue Aventurine is “starry in the night sky,” green Aventurine is “the sparkling ripples of a lake in the sun.”

In addition to the shining dial, the diamond hour markers of the 18K pink gold bag are also very charming. The hour markers are set with 32 diamonds, the Roman numeral hour markers have 24 diamonds, and the three needles are also made of 18K pink gold!

In addition to the three needles on the dial, a calendar magnifying glass with black letters on a white background at 3 o’clock and a day display at noon. These two designs are undoubtedly a typical Rolex style, significantly improving recognition. The English logo of ROLEX is also on the outer edge of the dial, adding a sense of layering. There are gold and diamonds, and the details are full. This is where the importance of luxury comes from. Bell and ross replica.

There is a point of knowledge about the crown of Rolex. If Rolex has “two small dots” (or a horizontal bar) under the logo of the crown, it is a double waterproof system representing the crown part, and there are two rubber rings. This watch is 100 meters waterproof; if there are three “small dots,” it means triple waterproof. The regular Rolex Day-Date and DayJust models are 100 meters waterproof, and the crown material is made of 18K eternal rose gold.

Everyone thinks Rolex bracelets are more common plate chains or five-bead chains. This watch is equipped with an 18K eternal rose gold head-type bracelet. This kind of head-of-state bracelet is not available for any Rolex but only for 18K, 950 platinum, and it can be used for the day-date type and the precious metal Datejust (Datejust). This bracelet is a three-grid solid link, polished in the middle, brushed on both sides, and the buckle is also a concealed 18K rose gold material.

Like most Rolex watches, this watch has a dense bottom design and is also made of 18K eternal rose gold. Inside is the 3255 automatic mechanical movement, with a power reserve of about 70 hours, and it is equipped with a Rolex Parachrom hairspring (blue niobium hairspring). This hairspring is a long story, so let’s briefly summarize it. The composition of this hairspring is 85% niobium and 15% niobium-zirconium alloy. This unique combination can overcome external impact and is hardly affected by temperature. Its shock resistance and anti-magnetic ability are outstanding advantages. , and its shock resistance is even ten times that of conventional hairsprings! The performance is generally excellent, with dual certifications from the Swiss and Super Observatory. Moreover, the global five-year warranty makes it easy to buy.

The thickness of this gold watch is 12mm, which is moderately thick and comfortable to hold.

Careful watch friends have also discovered that this watch is not an ordinary “gold watch” with only a gold case but is made of 18K rose gold from the case, strap, buckle, and crown to the bottom of the watch. This is not a “little gold piece” but a “big gold nugget.”

Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Length: 18.5cm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Day-Date
Model: 228349GNRP
Gender: Men’s

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