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Recommend Several White And Good-looking Cars And Replica Watches

March 14th is “White Day”. This holiday sounds very romantic, and there are many opinions. Some say it is to commemorate the love story that lasted until death in Rome in the third century, while others say it is the day when Japanese girls give gifts to boys in return. Whatever the reason, it’s a […]

The Last Rolex, The Least Cellini, Best Swiss Replica Watches

Regarding Rolex, the watches that most readily come to mind are the Submariner (Submariner) and the Daikin Rolex Day-date… They all have self-winding movements and Oyster-style waterproof cases. Other GMT, Skywalker, Explorer, and other series are more or less related to them. Therefore, many people say that Rolex is “unchanged and has no new ideas.” […]

Rolex Chinese Catalog 55 Years Ago, Best Fake Watches

Western clocks and watches had entered China as early as the Ming Dynasty. Even China’s local clock-making industry gradually emerged, mainly distributed in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, the first to open ports, and the imperial capital Beijing. After the 1950s, foreign capital gradually fled. Swiss watch brands can only be distributed in small batches through […]

The Old Five-digit Model Of The Rolex DD Yellow Gold Model, Swiss Replica Rolexes

Today, I want to share a gold watch that can be used as one of Rolex’s graduation swiss models. It is a gold watch with a day-date model. It is an old model with a five-digit model and diamonds, 36mm Ref. 18238A, with a wide variety of colors. It was produced from 1988 to around […]

Shop Compare Rolex Vs Rolex, Best Replica Watches Review

Rolex Datejust Series m126234-0017 Product model: m126234-0017 Watch diameter: 36mm Movement type: automatic machine Movement model: 3235 Case material: white gold and Oyster steel Waterproof depth: 100 meters First of all, I selected this log-type watch for you. This blue log has a classic and elegant shape. When paired with a suit, it is exposed […]

Low-key Luxury Rolex Yacht, Swiss Replica Rolex

Rolex Yacht 126622 Let’s briefly talk about the background of Rolex Yachts. Yacht is a relatively “new” series among Rolex sports watches (the following does not include the countdown Yacht II). The Rolex Yacht Series came out in 1992. The first model was 16628, 40 mm in size, using the 3135 movement. It was an […]

Read The Rolex DD Presidential In 26 Languages In One Go! Rolex Replica Swiss

Many friends also have a way to play DD, which is to play with different characters and languages because Rolex officially provides 26 kinds of characters for the Day of the week, attracting everyone to play. In the early years, and even now, some local labor servers also provided the service of changing the Day […]

Replica Rolex Watches Set Three World Records At Auction

On June 28, 2020, Antiquorum held a “Modern and Antique Watches” auction in Geneva. The auction presented 398 timepiece treasures, with a total transaction volume of 6.18 million Swiss francs. Three Rolex watches set world records, including a 1955 Ref. 6034 Oyster Chronograph 18K rose gold watch (No. 379) and a 1979 Ref. 1680 Submarine […]

The Third Generation Fake Rolex Datejust Ref.1601/4

The third-generation log series Ref.1601 was produced from the 1960s to the late 1970s. Dog tooth rings, five-bead chains, and long time scales are its basic features, and it is also the design that the log series has continued to this day, but its watch chain There was also a 3-section folding strap, which was […]

What Watch To Wear On Halloween? Swiss Movement Replica Watches

Halloween is a day for Westerners to pay homage to the dead, but now it has become a carnival party full of magical colors. When night falls, orange pumpkin lanterns light up the streets, and various strangely dressed elves, ghosts, skeletons, witches, etc., appear at the party. In addition to the bold and exaggerated costumes […]