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Discontinued Rolex 116710 Oyster Bracelet Blue Black Circle

Although the title is “How to Check Rolex,” some of the following experiences are common to all famous watches, but Rolex is the most typical. In addition to the market situation of Rolex, many popular models are not available in specialty stores. Buy them in the secondary or private markets. The circulation of old and discontinued models is also significant, so Rolex is the representative. Next, let’s talk about the critical inspection points of the watch. Replica watches rolex.

The discontinued Rolex 116610LV Green Ghost

  1. Check the watch mirror

Everyone knows that the mirror surface of Rolex is slightly raised from the bezel, and the mirror surface is higher than the bezel. The raised mirror edge is effortless to be bumped and damaged. Once the mirror surface has bump marks, only the mirror surface can be replaced. The detail of the mirror’s edge is often easily overlooked so that the damage cannot be found in the first place. So the first thing I do when I get a Rolex (and other watches with raised mirrors like this) is to check the mirror’s edges. Use your finger to walk around the mirror’s edge to see if there are any small pits or gaps. If you touch it with your finger, you can find it immediately.

The mirror surface of Rolex is higher than the bezel.

We can see that the green glass mirror is higher than the bezel.

  1. Check the bubble mirror

Many Rolex watches have bubble mirrors. The bubble mirror protrudes from the mirror surface and is the most prominent place on the top of the eye. It is often damaged unconsciously. Bubble mirrors are usually worn out. If it is broken or cracked, it can be seen at a glance, but the wear and tear is not easy to find. Get a watch and check the bubble mirror. If you find “white marks” on the bubble mirror under a particular light, wipe it and find that there are still, then gently use your fingernails to walk on the bubble mirror. Take a look; if the nails feel “bumpy” and the bubble mirror is not smooth, there are bumps and wear.

The bubble mirror of the Rolex calendar is easy to wear due to its protrusion.

The problem of bubble mirrors is relatively standard. I found out that there are “white marks” on the bubble mirror of the watch that can’t be wiped off. I don’t know whether it is dirty or bump marks. I asked a friend, and he taught me this method. At that time, I discovered it was bumped’ wear and tear.

We can see that the bubble mirror is higher than the watch mirror.

  1. Check the bezel

We can always hear that the ceramic ring is scratch-resistant but will also leave marks due to bumps and scratches; it is relatively more scratch-resistant. Now ceramics are very common. For Rolex sports ceramic bezels and other famous watches with ceramic materials, you must pay attention to the ceramic part because it cannot be repaired once the ceramic is damaged. The ceramic ring will leave a white mark after being scratched severely. If you find white spots on the ceramic bezel or on the ceramic case, which cannot be wiped off, it is caused by scratches.

Rolex water ghost ceramic ring.

I encountered this situation on my previous Rolex Submariner and IWC ceramic shell flying meter (Flying meter fire breathing). I found that the ceramic part had white marks, which could not be wiped off. Later, I learned that the ceramic was scratched. Therefore, you should look closer at the watch’s ceramic part.

The ceramic case will also leave traces when it is scratched severely.

  1. Check the numbers and scales on the bezel

The ceramic bezel of Rolex refers to the top circle of the bezel, which is made of ceramic. The numbers and scales on the ceramic bezel are “dug holes” on the ceramic ring and then filled with paint or gold to make numbers and scales. The numbers and rankings on the ceramic ring will be slightly recessed. It must be noted here that the numbers and scales on the ceramic ring are relatively easy to stain and scratch.

The numbers on the Rolex ceramic ring are slightly concave.

I used to have a submersible, gold and blue, the bezel numbers between the gold and blue, filled with gold; one day, I found one of the numbers was a bit “incomplete,” I thought it was dirty at first because of the bezel. The numbers are slightly dented, and I can’t rub them off. Later, I got it from a friend, and he took a look with a magnifying glass. It turned out that the gold lettering on the bezel had been “scratched,” and the gold lettering was damaged. The ceramic ring is relatively scratch-resistant, but the numbers and scales on the bezel must be paid more attention to and checked.

The gold numbers and scales on Rolex’s gold and blue bezel are easily stained.

  1. Check the board

There are two situations on the disk. Let me talk about the first one, the particular material disk. I bought a Girard Perregaux with a mother-of-pearl plate a few years ago. The mother-of-pearl disc surface is commonly known as the “shell disc” by players. It has colorful effects under different lights and is very beautiful. I didn’t pay attention until later when I noticed a crack on the mother-of-pearl dial. Because the mother-of-pearl surface sparkles under the light, the color changes, and ignoring the small attempts on the surface is straightforward. Therefore, when buying a mother-of-pearl disk, you must check carefully to avoid missing minor flaws.

The mother-of-pearl dial surface, because the color changes under the light, it is easy to ignore the flaws on the dial surface.

In the second case, no matter what the dial is, you must check the watch’s dial and hands. Because in the process of assembly, maintenance, and repair of the eye, when the dial and hands are installed, minor marks may be left, small scratches, tiny black spots, small white spots, etc. I bought a Jaeger-LeCoultre master moon phase before. There are delicate radial patterns on the white disc. At a certain angle, I found a small dot. Although it can only be seen at a certain angle, it could be more apparent, but I feel awkward. This watch is in the warranty period, I sent it to the after-sales service, and it was resolved.

When the watch is assembled, repaired, and maintained, tiny marks will likely be left on the dial and hands.

About the travel time of the Rolex 32 series movement.

Since the 32 series has gradually replaced the 31 series movement, some players have reported that the 32 series movement needs to be more accurate. The Rolex with the 32 series movement I have bought and come into contact with is genuine. The standard of the Rolex Super Observatory is +2/-2 seconds per day. For example, some Rolex exceeds the middle and is 3 or 5 seconds faster, which is normal. I have only encountered a Rolex with a 32-caliber movement, and the daily error is about 10 seconds slower, which must be a problem. This is a friend’s watch, I remember it was 126334, and then I was also puzzled and wanted to know why, so I sent this watch to a familiar watch shop for an overhaul. It was later explained that some of the oil had dried up. This is the only time I have encountered a 32-caliber Rolex with inaccurate time. Luxury replica watches.

Rolex new generation 3235 automatic movement.

For some specialty stores that are out of stock all year round, or models that have been discontinued, when you need to buy in the secondary market, you should pay attention to the length of the bracelet, how many links there are, and whether it is the total length. Like the Rolex Oyster bracelet, the full size is 12.5 knots, 12 large watch sections, plus a small section hidden in the clasp that can be fine-tuned, which is 0.5.

When buying a Rolex in the secondary market, pay attention to the length of the watch chain.

In addition, as you can see, I did not mention some bumps on the case and bracelet. It is because the general bump marks can be repaired. For example, when the watch needs to be maintained, throw it away, and it will look brand new. It was once reported that Rolex reserved the number of polishing times for the watch. I am trying to remember exactly how many times, but there are quite a few times, meaning it can be polished and refurbished multiple times. So you don’t need to pay attention to the general small bumps, but you should pay more attention to the places prone to flaws.

Gender: Men’s
Model: 16610LV
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Width: 20mm

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