Mark Iv’s Scarlet Water Ghost 1680, Rolex Replicas Swiss Made

Share a 1974 scarlet letter water ghost. To briefly explain, as the name suggests, the red water ghost is a submariner dial with a red font. The production year is not short, from around 1969 to around 1975. It is so sure about its year because it is a 7-digit serial number starting with 36. Dials are categorized from MK1 to MK6. The following one is the dial of MK4, and other scarlet water ghosts will be introduced one after another when there is a chance.

In terms of age, the MK4 dial existed between 1970 and 1974. Compared with other dials, it is surprising that this dial has the most production cycle, so it should also be the dial with more circulation in the market. The matte dial is used, and after more than 50 years, there is no discoloration, fading, cracks, etc. The luminous light of the time scale has not fallen off, and the overall condition is still in good condition. The metal part of the pointer can have traces of corrosion and rust, and the luminous position of the information has changed color. Considering it is an antique Rolex, this part is still acceptable; after all, it is a watch that has gone through nearly half a century. By the way, here is a brief introduction. The dial of the Scarlet Water Ghost is divided into the early and late stages. The early stage is MK1~MK3, and the late phase is MK4~MK6. The early stage’s main feature is that the waterproof mark’s writing unit is written in the front. MK4 belongs to the dial of the later period. The prominent feature distinguishing it from other last dials is that the horizontal bar of the letter [ft] of the waterproof mark is not on a line. Rolex replicas swiss made.

Antique Rolex also pays attention to the appearance, bezel, bracelet, etc. The bezel model from 1970 to 1974 is MK3; here is MK3, so the age is the same. At that time, the aluminum bezel was used, which was easily damaged, so it was not uncommon for many of them to be replaced. The watch has been polished as a whole, and whether it is polished is a big difference. Compared with the visual appearance after polishing, the unpolished look can reflect its antique value better. It is estimated that few rough antique watches are in the market, and most of them are polished, depending on how much you can accept.

The bracelet is a folding strap made between 1967 and 1976. It is said that the bracelet alone is already priceless, especially when looking for a matching date. The engraving on the watch chain is 71 years old. Usually, there is no problem because the year of the watch chain used by different countries was different then, and the head part is also of the same age. Good condition. When considering buying an antique replica watch, you should determine the watch condition you can accept and whether the parts are on a date, and then you can quickly find a look that meets your standards.

Model: 116610LN
Movement: Automatic
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Length: 18cm

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