Explorer With 93150 Submariner Bracelet? Rolex Swiss Replica Watches

This time, I am sharing an explorer Ref.14270 produced in 1994. It is an American warranty card with complete accessories, and the watch number starts with S. For watch collectors, it is an explorer who must pass the road. Although the production period is only about ten years (about 1990-2000), there are many exciting details updated in the middle, so there are many details. The model that serious collectors look for. The Ref.14270 shared this time is a charming watch. It will be of reference value to friends considering purchasing Ref.14270. Next, I will share a few pictures of its specific details.

The first is the dial. It can be seen that the tritium luminous light has faded into a cream color slightly, and the bright color of the hands also looks very uniform. If you look carefully with a magnifying glass, although the central part of the dial has some graininess, fortunately, there are no cracks and grains around the hour markers that are common in this era so it can be regarded as a watch in good condition. Rolex swiss replica watches.

Although the case is not unpolished, it does not feel a severe sense of polishing and polishing, and the shape is well maintained, looking full and bold. The watch number starts with S9, which is the period when the through-holes on the side lugs begin to disappear, so it also has the unique charm of the late Ref.14270 watch. The bezel looks good, too. Like the case, it doesn’t feel over-polished. The edge is complete and even a little painful when you touch it with your fingers. Ref.14270 has a history of more than 30 years so it will undergo multiple maintenance, and the care is often accompanied by polishing. After multiple polishings, it is common for watches with thinner cases and bezels. The state of the circle determines the entirely different feeling of this watch, so you should pay attention to this part when buying a second-hand watch. Imitation watches.

The 93150 strap with the first grain number of 558B is a 20mm water ghost strap, but Ref.14270 and Ref.16570 also use water ghost straps. As soon as you see this strap, some watch friends must immediately recognize that it is manufactured in the United States, which is precisely consistent with the record in the warranty to be shared below. The strap is not deformed much, and the mark R on the buckle is also compatible with the age. It is a great strap. In addition, not all watches from the United States use water ghost straps.

Finally, let’s look at its accessories, including boxes, guarantees, card holders, small calendars, explorer booklets, American version booklets, and small red tags. As mentioned earlier, it is an American version of the warranty card. As shown in the picture below, recording various information is also very interesting. It records its strap number and dial color, a unique feature of the American warranty card. The information is also highly rated as data. The cardholder and American-style brochure regarding the above American-style insurance card must also be available. Of course, the explorer’s booklet is also the American version. The complete set of accessories can be said to be rare. In addition, compared with other insurance cards, the American version of the warranty card, rated increasingly highly in recent years, is beautiful because you can see more information. As people realize the value of antique watches, Ref.14270, a watch close to the level of antique clocks, should be easier to pursue with complete accessories than antique watches.

Gender: Men’s
Model: m214270-0003
Band Length: 20.5cm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Series: Explorer
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813

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