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The Rolex SKY-DWELLER watch debuted at Baselworld in 2012. Once released, it has many outstanding patented technologies, plus the combination of an annual calendar and dual time zones, making it the most complicated Rolex watch. One. SKY-DWELLER’s unique double time zone function is designed for global travelers in a new way, providing them with the required information more conveniently so they can quickly grasp the time during the journey. The watch also follows the iconic design of Rolex, such as the Oyster case, the triangular pit bezel pattern, and the convex lens calendar display. For a long time after the watch’s launch, the Long Voyager once only had precious metal watches, but because of its high price, its performance in the market has been tepid. Until the 2017 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex The SKY-DWELLER inter-gold style was launched, which made the voyage model attract a lot of attention, especially the blue plate platinum steel style worn by the Swiss tennis king Roger Federer when he won the Australian Open men’s singles championship. Swiss watches replicas.

This gold-black plate style is also the main style of the new series of rubber belts. Rolex uses 18CT gold to make the oyster case, and the case size is 42mm. The Oyster case is also a model of robustness and elegance. This unique middle case is cast from a solid block of 18ct gold that is highly corrosion-resistant. The 18ct metal materials are all high-quality gold alloys cast by Rolex’s exclusive foundry.

A screw-in crown is on the watch’s other side, and the brand crown logo is engraved on the top. The two dots below represent that the look is made of 18K precious metal. There is also a non-slip pit design for the wearer to grasp and adjust. Time. The various waterproof methods of the watch, combined with the Oyster case, can ensure that the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters.

The upper layer of the case is equipped with the iconic design of the Rolex brand, the triangular pitted two-way rotating outer ring; the triangular pitted rotating outer ring is not just for good looks; the display function of the watch dial needs to be adjusted with the outer ring, this set is called Ring Command The operating system is simple and intuitive. It is an interface that connects the rotating outer ring, winding crown, and movement, allowing the wearer to adjust the watch’s functions easily. The operation method is to rotate the triangular pitted outer ring counterclockwise, two or three grids; you can choose the corresponding position function to adjust with the crown. My watch friends may still need help understanding through text or reading the official instructions. Still, this set of adjustment methods is easy to operate after getting started. Behind this Ring Command system’s simple and easy operation is a complex mechanical assembly containing over 50 parts. This design also represents Rolex’s superb watchmaking technology and micro-mechanical technology. Fake Rolex watches.

The black dial is treated with a sun pattern effect, showing different visual results under different light angles. A red inverted triangle is fixed on the dial to indicate the 24-hour second time zone display on the inner dial, and the second time zone can be read with just one stroke. The rectangular scales and hands are coated with luminous material, which emits a lasting blue light in the dark. There are 12 small windows on the top of the scale, and the dark red one indicates the current month. This set of annual calendar complications is named SAROS by Rolex. The function of the SAROS calendar automatically distinguishes between large and small months, and because the leap year cannot be recognized, It only needs to be tuned once a year on March 1st alone. This set of annual calendar functions is just an addition of four gears and two sets of gear train transmissions to the instant calendar standard in Rolex watches. The structure is simple, but it cleverly ensures the reliable and stable operation of the system.

The most important update of the Long Voyager this time is that it is equipped with this black rubber strap. I have to say that the black rubber strap is convenient with this gold-style black plate, and the black gold tone is both eye-catching and advanced. Rolex’s rubber strap is officially called the Oysterflex strap, developed and patented by Rolex, and refers to a sports strap that replaces the metal strap. The inside of the strap is an elastic titanium-nickel alloy piece connected to the case, and the Oyster buckle and the outer layer are covered with a high-performance black rubber injection-molded metal piece, making the watch unaffected and durable under various environmental conditions. In addition, it is very stable to wear, and it also has the comfort of the strap.

In addition, the strap is equipped with an 18ct gold Oyster buckle. The top of the clip is engraved with the Rolex crown logo to prevent the watch from being accidentally opened. The hook is also equipped with the Rolex Glidelock extension system designed and patented by Rolex. This extension system comprises racks and is hidden under the buckle cover. Mm or so.

The Long Voyager series models are all equipped with the 9001 movements, which Rolex wholly developed and manufactured. The 9001 movement is equipped with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring, made of a unique paramagnetic alloy cast by Rolex, and its shock resistance is more vital than The traditional hairspring is ten times higher. It can also provide a 72-hour power reserve when fully wound.

In general, the performance of the Long Voyager watch with the rubber belt is still very good. The rubber belt is different from the pure business style of the Long Voyager’s metal chain style and belt style and adds a sporty texture to the Long Voyager. It is a new choice for customers who like more sports styles, and in this series of tape styles, I think the 18ct gold black plate is the best, followed by the gold leaf. The rubber belt solves the problem of the large and thick Long Voyager series and the falling feel of the metal bracelet, and it also solves the problem that the belt is afraid of water. Still, the rubber belt also has a disadvantage. If you love to sweat, then the rubber belt is challenging. It will make the wrist stuffy, and it has the characteristics of rubber. It is soft in summer and hard in winter. This series of rubber belt styles is the same as the belt style, and the price is almost the same as that of the all-precious metal bracelet style. This gold and black plate style costs 312,100 yuan, while the all-gold kind with the exact plate costs 364,600 yuan. Many customers may still choose the precious metal watch strap style.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 9015/Mingzhu Engine
Case Size: 42mm
Case Color: Gold-tone
Model: m326238-0009
Series: Sky-Dweller
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Black-tone
Band Width: 20mm

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