Why Does Rolex Replica Swiss Official Dare To Maintain It Every Ten Years

Many friends who play watches know the mechanical watch will be maintained every 3-5 years! But more and more brands have promoted the warranty for ten years and only every ten years. Do you know why they dare? Let me explain to everyone today.

Because the lubricating oil of the mechanical watch will dry up and deteriorate! And the automatic operation will be worn, so the mechanical watch must be regularly maintained as an entry knowledge that all cousins must know! Many watchmakers also see that they must be held every 3-5 years to maintain their loved watch’s stable operation. But with the development of technology, this cycle is broken!

Rolex replica swiss has opened many brands. When many brands are still warranty for ten years, Rolex took the lead in announcing that every ten years of maintenance. Where does this confidence come from? I will take a look at everyone today!

All of this must be attributed to tribology! The friction did not officially appear from the late 1960s to the 1980s. In the press release, Rolex mentioned that in the past 15 years, Rolex had used the principle of friction when choosing materials and design parts during the research and development stage of the product research and development, which has been developing for the clash. Use the principle of friction to reduce friction and extend the maintenance cycle!

The first is to use the ruby bearings as much as possible to replace metal bearings! Reduce friction! The gem bearings invented in 1704 (created by the invention of artificial ruby bearing in 1902), through the ultra-low friction coefficient between steel and gem bearing, can reduce parts wear and improve operational efficiency, which is far more reliable than past brass bearings. The most significant innovation other than ruby is lubricating oil!

According to the characteristics and different functions of the movement parts, a movement requires up to 5 or 6 kinds of lubricating oil to provide the perfect lubrication effect. The quality of lubricating oil determines the maintenance life and stability of the movement. The past lubricating oil was animal lubricating oil extracted from animals. Until 1925, the surface industry was usually removed by cooking beef-footed glands to extract butter, which was the best choice for watch lubricants. But the most significant disadvantage of beef fungus is to quickly deteriorates with time. Fortunately, more than 50 years ago, the particular chemical industry began to develop synthetic Tag Heuer replica watches with characteristics. Even after an extended period, these expensive high-tech products will not be deepened or evaporated and can resist corrosion and antioxidant, becoming the mainstream lubricant used in today’s watches.

For example, the number of frictions of the arrest and the escalation wheel is up to 250 million per year, and the linked marks between the surface of the activity are only a few microns. Therefore, high-quality low-viscosity lubricant is needed to ensure precise operation and life!

Rolex is the only watchmaking brand that develops and manufactures its lubricant series in the professional laboratory, which is enough to illustrate Rolex’s strength because its income is far from the amount of R & D invested. Each type of oil has oil. A specific application requires about ten years of R&D time.

  1. Low viscosity or thinner lubricant for high-speed contacts, such as using the escapement system.
  2. High-viscosity lubricant is used for high-pressure impact contact parts, which form a stable film, such as a gear system. Through different types of lubricant types, the movement is the perfect effect.

Although the lubrication point of each Rolex movement is about 50 to 100, it only takes a few micro-liters (0.001 ml) of lubricating oil to lubricate all parts. Each drop of lubricating oil is scientifically calculated and applied by automatic operators to ensure the correct dose. Because too much oil can cause stagnation, too few will increase the wear of the parts or stop operation.

Some people may feel curious. Although grooves need to be oiled like gem-bearing to accommodate lubricating oil, watches are not from the factory to being bought by consumers. With different changes in the wrist, will these lubricating oil overflow in the movement around the movement? The answer is not. Rolex will help the parts add a nano-coating “Epilames” layer before getting oil. Do not run around in the same position.

In addition to using lubricating oil, many parts also use a variety of coatings that reduce friction, such as the Teflon coating of the famous little red wheels, DLC diamond coating, etc. Reduce friction!

Of course, ten years of publicity propaganda. Back to publicity, say less than ten years, even if you go slowly within a month! Then you have to enter the labor service.

Range:Lady Oyster Perpetual
Case size:31 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial type:Purple dial

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