Oyster-style Swiss Replica Watches Constant Logic And Destiny Covenant

Every day is crucial; it may inspire us to set new goals or change our destiny and historical trajectory. Since its birth in 1945, Oyster Perpetual Datejust has constantly pushed further and unique elegance. This watch is the world’s first automatic waterproof observation watch with a calendar window at 3 o’clock. It can be described as an essential milestone in the history of watchmaking. The calendar numbers are put through the small window convex lens, representing a day of 24 hours and indicating the agreement with destiny.

Oyster-style Hengdi log 36, eternal rose gold steel model.

Innovation and classic
Overwhelming and elegant watchmaking masterpiece

  • “This is a masterpiece of clock science. This is the crystallization of all achievements in the brand so far.” Once the log type was launched, the founder of Rolex Hanswilsdorf Essence All significant achievements of this watch melted Rolex so far, including certified observation of the Observatory Precision Times Movement, Automatic Worked Device and Waterproof C case, and unique small window calendar display on the dial.
The first women's log, 1957
  • In 1957, Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust was available. This is a log-type women’s watch with a diameter of 26 mm (now 28 mm). This watch is as solid and reliable as the log shape, condensing the essence of the original log shape.

  • The log shape also shows a harmonious and elegant temperament and exquisitely interprets the classic Liane watch. The long-lasting aesthetic style makes the eye easily recognize. The unique form of the oyster case, the 18K gold triangle pit pattern, the small window convex lens on the calendar window, and the specially designed five-square chain commemorative strap achieve classics together.

Promote the development of watchmaking and pursue human progress
Boutique watches that keep pace with the times

  • The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, believes that the development of the watchmaking industry should be committed to promoting human progress, and the birth of a log type echoes his unremitting pursuit of excellence. In a period of significant change, the relationship between people and time constantly changes. Modern life changes with the rhythm of time, and the connection with the four seasons has decreased.

  • The logging of logging and managing daily time is more comfortable to wear. With the practical characteristics of this watch, this watch quickly won the favor of active and independent modern people and became an important timing tool.

Witness at important moments pays tribute to the contract of fate.

  • Logging watches naturally become a symbol of destiny, showing the strong ideals of modern society. Day after day, its dial is still marked with the intersection between each wearer’s journey and the passage of time. Winston Churchill, Dwight David Eisenhower, Martin Luther King (Dwight David Eisenhower), and other well-known people have worn log-type watches. This watch spans different eras and still retains its modern style. The calendar windows of the log-type watch look forward to the world, symbolizing the continuous connection with time.

Logo characteristics
• Instant jump calendar, small windows convex lens put on the calendar
• Rolex’s exclusive supernatural platform precision time place certification
• Five-year guarantee in the world
• Rolex automatic boarding mechanical movement, swiss replica watches Observatory certification (COSC)
• SYLOXI silicon travel silk (2236 movement) or blue cosmetic Parachrom scarf (3235 movements)
• Magnetic arrest wheel (2236 movement) or Chronergy escapement system (3235 movements)
• High -performance PARA x EX cushioning device
• 31, 36, or 41mm oyster case, waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet)

Add an elegant style

  • Logging shows several classic Rolex innovation designs. This model of the system is constantly innovating, crossing different eras with an elegant style, and has been new for a long time. Rich and changeable watches show Rolex’s superb dial production skills. These watches present a variety of aesthetic styles and fully fit the personality of different wearers.
Jubilee strap, gold steel model

Commemorative strap
Comfortable and elegant

  • This five-grid chain metal strap is flexible and comfortable, highlighting the inherent personality of the record. The commemorative strap has a hidden crown belt buckle or oyster belt buckle, which makes the watch add eternal and elegant charm. In addition, the log type can also be matched with an oyster strap, and the precious metal swiss models can also be equipped with a head leader.
Golden pit pattern dial, oyster constant mobile log type 36

Small window convex lens
Easy to read the calendar

  • The brand’s iconic small window convex lens contains aesthetic style and technical performance, making the calendar clearer and easier to read. This Rolex invented the unicorn giant named in ancient Greek mythology. Rolex obtained a patent in the early 1950s and was installed in the log in 1953. A small convex window lens can enlarge the calendar and make it read. The small window convex lens was made of resin glass at first. Since the 1970s, it has been made of blue crystal, like the crystal mirror of the watch. The blue crystal is not easy to scrape. With dual anti-reflector coating, it can show the amplification effect.
Olive green palm leaf pattern dial, oyster constant mobile log type 36

Rich dial design

  • There are a variety of dials to choose from, providing the most diverse combinations of all Rolex watches, selecting a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, optional clock marks (stick-shaped time labels, Roman numerals, or Arabic numerals), with gemstones inlaid, Diamond inlaid, pearl mother, palm leaf pattern, pit pattern or sunlight effect. The brand independently develops the Rolex dials, making the watch clear when reading and showing a unique style.
The inlaid outer ring, oyster constant mobile log 31, 18K eternal rose gold.

Outer ring

  • The outer diary ring has polished triangular pits, arches, or diamonds, fully showing the wearer’s charm. The outer circle is one of the particularly conspicuous features of the watch, which condenses the essence of Rolex professional technology. To this end, the round diamonds inlaid in the outer circle are carefully selected by Rolex experts to ensure that each one shines brightly. As a classic feature of Rolex, the outer ring of the triangle pits is cast with 18K gold, 18K white gold, or 18K eternal rose gold.

A classic symbol of Rolex professional technology

Oyster-type Hengdimoto log 41, oyster steel model.

31, 36, or 41mm oyster case waterproof symbol

  • The log-type oyster case adopts a 31, 36, or 41 mm diameter to ensure the waterproof depth is 100 meters (330 feet), a solid and durable model. The middle case is cast with extremely corrosive solid oyster steel alloys or 18K gold. Rolex watchmakers tighten the fine pits with special tools exclusively to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can reach the movement. The dual-lock linked chain crown has a Rolex dual waterproof system firmly tightened to the point. A completely waterproof log-type oyster case provides the best protection for movement.
Oyster-style Hengdi Log Log 36, Gold Steel

Golden steel
Powerful alloy combination

  • In the past century, gold and steel have cleverly combined, shaping a unique design with exquisite and solid characteristics. Jin Gang was born in the early 1930s and was the exclusive feature of the Rolex Oyster Headienter series watches. The outer ring of the golden steel watch is cast in the upper linked list’s medium chain, and the strap’s middle chain section is cast with gold or eternal rose gold. The outer ring of white gold steel is made of white gold. These chic combinations are also a significant feature of the brand.

2236 and 3235 constant motivation
Watchmaking technology leading movement

  • The log-in-chain movement is all developed and manufactured by Rolex: Type 2236 (log 31) or 3235 (log-type 36 and log 41). The campaign adopts several patents to display Rolex’s superb technology. The movement’s accuracy, power reserves, seismic, comfort, and reliability are excellent.
2236 movement
  • Type 2236 or 3235 movements are equipped with inertia fine-tuning balanced wheels and accurately adjust their inertial oscillation cycle with gold fine-tuning nuts. The adjustable height firmly supports the shredded wheel components to improve shock resistance. The movement of the action is also equipped with a Rolex design and a patented high-performance Para fl EX cushioning device.

  • The 2236 movement is equipped with Syloxi silicon travel silk with brand research and development and patented. The 3235 movements are fitted with the blue Parachrom scarf, made of cash-in-magnetic alloy cast by Rolex. Strong magnetic fields do not disturb both traverses; even if the temperature changes, it is still very stable.
3235 movement
  • The Syloxi silicon trace of the 2236 movement adopts a geometric structure to ensure that the movement can be kept regular at any position; the blue Parachrom scarf of the 3235 campaign is equipped with the Rolex last circle to ensure that the action can exist.

  • The 2236 movement is a more built-in magnetic nickel-phosphorus alloy escalation wheel. The 3235 movements are equipped with a Rolex patented Chronergy escapement system made of nickel-phosphorus alloys, which is efficient and reliable and not disturbed by strong magnetic fields.

  • Both 2236 and 3235 movements are equipped with automatic upper-chain components. The components are Rolex Hengdi. Hengmou Tuo used the energy generated by the wearer’s wrist to swing and continued to chain the main strip. The power reserve of the 2236 movement is about 55 hours, and the excellent efficiency of the 3235 movement box structure and escapement system increases its power reserve to about 70 hours.

  • Only the watchmakers authorized by Rolex can have the opportunity to see a log-based movement. After exquisite polishing and modification, this movement reflects the spirit of abnormal quality and excellence in Rolex.
Oyster-style Hengdi Log 31, 18K Eternal Rose Gold

Log type, super outstanding observatory precision timepiece certification

  • Like all Rolex watches, logs have obtained the excellent observatory certification laid by Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that each look produced by the Rolex Watch Workshop has successfully passed a series of tests from Rolex Labs. After the eye is assembled, the certification test is performed to ensure that when the watch is worn on the wrist, it can exist in the precise, waterproof, automatic chain and power reserve aspects. The green seal symbolizes the precision timepiece of the Overbacco Observatory. Each Rolex watch is attached to this seal and has a five-year guarantee.
  • The precision of each movement is awarded the Observatory’s precision timepiece certification by the Swiss Precision Times Test Center (COSC). After the sign was installed in the case, Rolex took the second test of the movement to ensure that its accuracy meets the standards and stricter the standards of precision timepieces in the Observatory. The average error that Rolex’s excellent Observatory can accept is about two seconds per day. The fault-tolerant standard for this accuracy test is stricter than the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC).
  • This excellent observation of the Observatory’s precision measurement test is carried out by the precision instrument specially developed by Rolex. Rolex simulates the actual situation of wearing watches with complete testing processes to test the watch’s precision closer to real life. This series of automatic testing will also detect the performance of all Rolex eyes in the waterproof, automatic chain, and power reserves. These tests are systematically performed after the watch assembly, which complements the detection of the R&D and production process to ensure that the watch is reliable, sturdy, and anti-magnetic seismic.

Range:Datejust Lady
Case size:26 MM
Case material:Pink Gold
Bracelet material:Rose Gold (President)
Dial type:Rose Gold Diamond (Jubilee)

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