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The formal table is a long-standing style characterized by simplicity, elegance, and enduring. For a long time, it has been the evergreen model of notable brands. Even today, it is popular in sports style, and players still love it. There are rich formats in different price sections, from one million luxury levels to thousands of yuan. But most players who purchase formal tables for the first time still choose luxury brands with higher reputations and popularity. Let’s look at the basic format of Rolex, Omega, and Wan Guo Watch, which has a better all-around performance.


Oyster constant -moving REF.124300 (41 mm)

Rolex’s products can be divided into classic and professional first copy watches, traditional formal-style best replica watches, and sports models. The oyster-type constant moving type has been mistaken for experienced eyes because of the appearance of “exploration one” and “empty tyrants.” In fact, according to the official website, the Oyster constant-moving type belongs to the classic watch, and its name comes from the oyster waterproof case patented technology in 1926. Today, oyster waterproof cases have been widely used in Rolex eyes. The primary series, except for Chelini, is named after a specific type of Oyster -type Hengmou, which is enough to reflect its important position.

Oyster constant -moving REF.276200 (28 mm)

Regardless of considering the secondary market, from the perspective of official public prices, the 2020 oyster constant-moving type is the only series in Rolex’s current products with a general price of less than 50,000 yuan. RMB 41,000, 41mm REF.124300 is 47600 yuan. The price of black, blue, and silver with basic models is currently stable. Many players in contact with Rolex for the first time will also choose to start with the Oyster constant movement.

Rolex Cal.3230 movement

Although it is an entry model, the performance of the Oyster’s constant movement in terms of performance is equal. The watch uses Rolex “Oyster Steel” (904L), which is more robust than the conventional 316L corrosion resistance. The solar pattern dial is simple and elegant, and the time needles are labeled in time to cover the exclusive Chromalight luminous material (different from the mainstream Super Luminova material). The CAL.3230 movement carried by the 41mm REF.124300 continues the Parachrom trace and uses a new Chronergy escapement system to provide up to 70 hours of power storage.


Danbo series elegant watch 39.5 mm coaxial watch

Omega dish first originated from the hippocampus and was positioned as a formal table. The series officially separated from the hippocampus in 1967 and became independent. In 1994, the Dip Feida Elegant Watch came out, named after its modern design and delicate style. The chain-style bracelet, “pot” case, the “three-layer” design of the “pot” case, and the case of the case connecting the bezel of the disc. From the beginning of the original product, it is also the first choice for many people’s formats.

The discs of the plate flying series elegant watches 40 mm to Zhen Observatory watch

Before the launch of the third-generation disc, the third-generation disc, 2500 movement, and 2500 movement have long played the “goalkeeper” role of the series. It has a simple style, with an average diameter of 39.5 mm. The position of the 3, 6, 9, and 12 in the silver concentric rotary dial is decorated with the number of Roman numbers, which is elegant and beautiful. The interior has a 2500 coaxial movement of Omega, and its vibration frequency is 25200VPH (3.5Hz), which can provide 48 hours of power storage. The coaxial movement is undoubtedly the proudest technology of Omega. It can reduce the energy consumption between the components in the escapement system. With the cardless swimming wheel, it ensures the accuracy and accuracy and accuracy and accuracy and the long -term operation of the movement. Stability.

Omega Cal.8800 movement

Compared with the 2500 movement, the performance of the 8800 movements used in the new product in 2022 has further improved, which can resist the magnetic field of up to 15,000 Gauss and obtain the “Zhizhen Observatory” certification of the Swiss Federal Institute (METAS) to ensure that the day-to-day error control controls the daily error control—0 to +5 seconds. The second -and third-generation panel elegant watch is sold on the official website.

IWC World

Potafino automatic watch iW356501

The design of the Kingdom Table is concise and elegant. Portugal, Da Vinci, and Petonfino are all series of formal styles. Among them, the Portofino series is particularly noticeable with eternal elegance. Portofino originally meant the name of the famous tourist seaport town in northwestern Italy. The brand draws inspiration from this beautiful seaside port.

Potafino automatic watch iW356502

The first-generation watch of the Potonfino series was released in 1984. After many upgrades and iterations, it ushered in the IW3565 we knew in 2011. surface. The most significant feature of the table is the “Red 60” at 12 points of the dial, adding a bright color to the black and white dial, which has a certain degree of recognition.

Potafino automatic watch iW356505

IW3565 uses a 40 mm diameter, with a silver white and black dial for choice. With 2014 as the dividing line, the early “Red 60” used the CAL.35110 movement, and the version produced later was replaced with the CAL.35111 movement. There is no essential difference between the new and old movements in terms of function; it is only different in polishing.

Rolex Oyster -style constant -moving type, Omega Danfei Elegant Watch, and “Red 60” of the Bo Tao Tonfino. In terms of the choice of diameter, the Oyster constant-moving type provides a total of 5 kinds of diameter, which meets the needs of different body and gender watchmakers to the great Essence. The advantage of the Omega Diber Elegant Watch lies in the intense movement performance. The second-generation disk Fei Elegant passed the Observatory certification, and the third-generation product is equipped with 8800 movements with 2,500 coaxial movements. It is certified by “Zhizhen Observatory.” Potonfino’s “Red 60” has been in his popularity since its inception in 2011. The simple and elegant appearance and stable movement may be why this model is extended. In addition, the “Red 60” is a few watches using Milani’s steel belt, which is full of recognition.

Case size:34 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial type:Silver Baton

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