What Kind Of Watch Can Become A “Graduation Fund ” Swiss Watches Replica

Playing watches is like the process of “upgrading monsters.” With the deepening of the eyes, many people will gradually increase their watch purchase budget. After many replacements, they will eventually finalize the “graduation model” of each brand. I think the “graduation model” is not necessarily the most expensive model for the brand. Still, it must be the best product to show the concept of watchmaking and representation.


In the eyes of a thousand people, there are a thousand Hamlet, and different watchmates have different choices for Rolex graduation funds. It is easy to see through the forum to buy watch operations. The two keywords of “Rolex” and “Graduation” are combined. The search models are Di Tongtai, Greenwich, and weekly calendar types.

Week Calendar “black rock sugar.”

Although Rolex professional watches have flourished recently, the classic formal style of the week-date is still the first choice for many Rolex watch friends. Especially in the Hong Kong and Taiwan films in the last century, the frequent appearance of the calendar watch on the week is impressive, which has almost become a shared memory of Rolex. The entire calendar-type case of the Rolex weekly calendar is made of precious metals and luxurious materials. It is the world’s first watch with a “double calendar” function and provides a multi-language week display. The small window convex lens above the calendar and the unique triangular pit pattern outer ring (commonly known as the “dog tooth ring”) have now become the iconic element of Rolex. Another feature of the DD is the head of state. In appearance, it is in the same vein as the works that came out in 1956. The modern model also increases the embedded ceramic component, which is more flexible and durable.

Cosmic Type Di Tong takes “Binglan Di.”

On the other hand, as the most noticeable series in Rolex professional luxury replica watches, the cosmos Dicong has been popular with its gorgeous appearance. The series is positioned in professional endurance racing. It has been iterated since the development of the 1960s. The cosmic gauge Tongtong and the more famous “Rainbow Di” and “Ice Blue Di” are also the choice of many Rolex players.

Patek Philippe

Similarly, although the sports watch is widespread, most players’ graduation funds do not stop at Aquanaut (grenades) and sports elegant series (nautilus) but tend to make the super complex function Times series choose.

Patek Philippe Ref.5320G

As a watch that can be “cured for future generations,” the super complex function timing series has become the dream of many watchmakers. This model was launched in 2017, combining the characteristics of several Patek Philippe classic swiss watches replica. For example, the three-layer ear of the falling type drew inspiration from a traditional time of the brand more than 60 years ago. The pointer’s shape is to pay tribute to the REF.1463 watch in the 1950s. CAL.324 S Q (S represents a small second hand, Q means the perpetual calendar) The automatic Tuo of the movement is made of 21K gold. The bridge plate has a round chamfering edge, Geneva stripes, and gold carving patterns. The screws are also polished. The backward angle is also equipped with a shiny cone. Such craft standards are worthy of PP mark certification.

Patek Philippe Ref.5078R

The third question concerns one of the most complicated functions of clocks and watches. Patek Philippe has gained today’s status and is inseparable from the achievements in three questions. Ref.5078R three question reports have fully reflected the essence of Patek Philippe’s three questions. The movement takes two weeks to produce a fuller, melodic, and loud message. Having a three-question Patek Philippe watch is also the ultimate pursuit of many players.


Compared with the Swiss brand, the range of virtue is smaller, and the design style of the watch model is relatively single, so graduation difficulty will be significantly reduced. Lange is currently recognized as the “one brother” in Germany. In high-level watchmaking, Lange’s complex models have a trend resisted by Patek Philippe in both craft design and technology stack.

Zeitwerk “owl”

ZEITWERK time mechanical watch, because of its unique disk surface, is called “owl” by the watchmakers. This is the first automatic watch that can realize the digital display function and constant power of the jump type, and it can also achieve hours and minutes. Jump at the same time. Looking at the market’s surface, we can find a German silver splint resembling an owl-shaped shape. The watch opened a window at 9 o’clock on the need to display the hour. At 6 o’clock, an independent small second disk was set up, and the screws and sapphire bearings on the intermediate “time bridge” brought extremely high recognition.

1815 chronograph

The Lange 1815 series chronograph uses the guidance-column wheel control system. It has a flying function and pulse scale and can control the timing accuracy to 1/5 seconds. Cal.L.L951 The bridge board and leverage of the convex angle of the manual on-chain movement are manually polished and polished. The upper splint is decorated with Glashte stripes. The lower splint is decorated with fish scales, and the sling is equipped with hand-carved flowers. TOP-level levels are all ideal “graduation funds.”

It is not difficult to see through the “graduation funds” that are not the highest in the unit price. Still, these models have distinctive characteristics and fully demonstrate the content of their respective brands.

  • Model: 228349BKDP
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Band Length: 18.5cm
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Series: Day-Date
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Dial Color: Black Dial

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