Eight Special Plates Made By Rolex Fake Swiss Watches

In the field of fake swiss watches, you can not know the unique independent watchmaking of the niche, but you must not know Rolex.

Rolex’s special plates include gems, fossils, wood, meteorites, mothers, enamel, and diamonds inlaid.

18038 ‘ONYX’

The first piece is the log of the black agate plate. There is a time label on the regular watch. This labor is entire without. There are only three stitches and DD classic weeks and amplifying calendar mirrors.

18038 bloodstone

There is also a very representative plate surface of the plate. It is rare to listen to the name because there are blood-red or brown spots on the surface of the container. In the West of the Middle Ages, religion also covered this material with a layer of mystery.

Third, the 36mm green pine gold watch is also the Rolex DAY date series. The 2019 Basel Show launched this watch replicas. So each piece is unique.

If the color of the top is too monotonous and not enough for Feel, the most color OPAL disk surface is very suitable for you. The 1990 DAY-DATE’s 19-year Christie’s Shi Shi had to shoot 7W5.

18038 Coral Coral Disk

There is also a coral CORAL disk of 6,87,500 Hong Kong dollars sold in Christie’s in 20 years, which also belongs to the DD series, but because the coral texture is not easy to make, the output is minimal. It is more difficult to buy now because this material has been listed as a protective creature.

Rolex weekly calendar 18238 fossil plate Jurassic Park’ Jurassic Park.’

The rare gem is finished; let’s talk about fossil, wooden, and meteorite plates. I know what it is. It is made in the figure of an ancient creature. And now Rolex does not need fossils to make planes; it is more difficult to start.

Day-Date18239 Burl Wood

The next step is the wooden plate. This kind of disk is not the wood in everyone’s routine impression, but the Burl Wood of the annual wheel is made of tumor candy, but it is more gorgeous as the flowing gold.

Rolex Greenwood-style II series M126719BLRO-0002 watch (Coca-Cola Circle)

What is a meteorite? As the name suggests, the meteorite in the sky can be made into a plate! DAY-DATE Week Calendar, Datejust logs, Greenwich GMT, etc., have been used. The texture of meteorites is freely intertwined, bringing you a unique beauty; this is the charm of the meteorite plate.

  • Gender: Men’s
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Dial Color: Black Dial
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Model: m126710blro-0002
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Series: Gmt Master Ii

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