Rolex Is Most Suitable For The Daily Wearing Of Titanium Tables, Swiss Clone Watches

This 5 -level titanium metal has vital physical attributes and makes the watch’s practicality more step-level; it is also presented with unique color and texture. However, the most controversial places in the deep-sea challenge are the size and thickness, significantly limiting its usage scenario. The recently released RLX titanium yacht famous 42 watches, the thickness of the scope is very suitable for daily wear, is a work that takes into account beauty and practicality.

Ben Ainslie

Rolex’s rumors for the launch of titanium yacht-style types have long been there. In 2021, foreign media reported that Ben Ainslie, a British sailing athlete, was wearing a titanium-made yacht watch. Considering the relationship between Ben Ainslie and Rolex, many people think it is the brand’s indirect officer to declare this work. However, this orphan watch has only made a brief appearance. After a long time, Rolex did not mention its existence for a long time, and it was not until now that it officially appeared.

Rolex Yacht Famous Shop 42 (RLX titanium)

Titanium yacht’sYacht famous 42 appearance continues the consistent design style of this series, including the use of rotating bezels and rotating crowns, similar to Rolex’s well-known submarine type (water ghost). Many watchmakers mistakenly believe that it is a diving watch. In fact, according to the brand positioning, the yacht famous is “the watch that sails and sails.” It was born for the sailing competition and for celebrities to travel on yachts. Therefore, waterproofing is not the performance of the yacht’s name. Its waterproof level is only 100 meters.

Cerachrom pottery ring ring

The outer ring of the yacht can rotate in both directions, which is also an important reason for its non-diving replica watch. To prevent the timing of the diving watch prevent less time, the wearer is in danger during the diving process. It is often designed to rotate only one direction so that there is only a lot of timing, ensuring safety. The yacht’s famous outer circles use a variety of non -professional chronograph scenes (such as sailing competitions), so the rotation direction is not limited.

In the past, the yacht’s famous swiss clone watches were mostly incorporated into precious metals to show luxurious sports style. The new product is changed to use RLX titanium, and the transformation of the case material enhances practical value. In addition, the matte black Cerachrom pottery ring is also a significant breakthrough in the series. The conventional yacht-type watches’ outer circle is mainly made of precious metals. It is inevitable to leave the “years traces” for a long time. The Cerachrom ceramic rings are manufactured with special chemicals and have better wear and corrosion resistance.

Rolex Cal.3235 movement

The watch is equipped with Rolex Cal.3235 automatic movement, one of Rolex’s main movements today. The CAL.3235 movement is characterized by 70 hours of dynamic reserves and adopts the Chronergy escapement system. The campaign has passed the top Observatory’s Superlative Chronometer certification. The daily error is at -2/+2, better than the conventional observatory certification.

This new work has changed the luxury sports style of precious metals in the past, and the color is low-key, light, and corrosive RLX titanium, with another choice for players. It has enriched the yacht’s famous product line. It has become the most suitable titanium watch currently worn daily with a moderate thickness and diameter.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Series: Yacht-master
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Model: 116622BKSO
  • Movement: Automatic

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