Customized Rolex Log-type Single-needle Swiss Watch Replica.

Following Andrea Pirlo, the legendary Italian midfielder, the Blue Corps Gianluigi Buffon entrusted Artisans de Genève to personalize his Rolex log-type swiss watch replica for personalized processing. Essence Watch custom modification is a relative niche business. Not many brands provide similar services, and Artisans de Genève is one of the best. It not only changes the material and re-paint but also cooperates in-depth with customers to completely reconstruct the concept of the watch.

  • As mentioned, Zhan Louis Buffon selected Rolex log-type watches for customized modification. The Artisans de Genève is wholly restructured in its style. The sapphire crystal dial is divided into two parts: the outer ring is treated with blue PVD, marked with the white minute scale; the central government remains transparent. The bezel is wholly processed by a piece of stainless steel, which is very different from the traditional pits or smooth bezels we are familiar with. The top surface is decorated with Paris’s nails, symbolizing the football goal network, paying tribute to the career of Zen Louis Buffon.
  • The pointer is treated with a backward angle and roasted blue, and the cutting-edge hand-painted ink is red into the red. Blue and red can best reflect the story of Zen Louis Buffon -blue represents impressive victory, and red represents the obstacles he overcame in his brilliant career.
  • “The goalkeeper is exceptional. This is a lonely and unique position. I am also the last fort in this 11-player team.” Zhan Louyi Buffon hopes the customization scheme can reflect this loneliness and express a surpass watch beyond the patek philippe replica watch. The unique “strangeness.” Therefore, Artisans de Genève chose a single-needle design.
  • “Time never stops. Sometimes we want to live faster; at other times, we want to settle down. Time moves along the established direction, and never look back. Some people say that time is naturally everything; it is true. My wrist. My wrist. The watch is like me, just like my idea: unique, very recognizable, lonely … This is me. When I tell this story, I found it for my favorite thing The meaning. “
  • It is conceivable that modifying the Rolex Caliberns de Genève has redesigned and re -decorated the hollow movement. Each element includes sandblasting and chamfering substrate, polishing wheel bridge board, open dial, modern material texture, and traditional knowledge skills.

Case size:39 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel
Dial type:Black Quarter Arabic

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