Talk About The Rolex Replicas Swiss Made Green Water Ghost.

Regarding Rolex’s famous models, you must mention the green water ghost. Although the specifications of the same period are the same, the pointer and scale will be slightly larger, significantly improving the resolution. It was speculated that it might be limited models when released then, but it was mass-produced yearly as other models. The first-generation green water ghosts were produced in 2010, and there were also some scarce dial bezel details. For example, the above-top (4] fonts of the initial light green bezel (Lime Bezel), the bezel number [4] fonts are relatively flat (flat head 4), dial [Swiss Made], and the dial [SWISS MADE] Small swiss fake watches. These rare features of Ref.16610LV are also sought after by most cousins, and the market price is higher than that of standard styles. Ref.16610LV dials are also subdivided into 6 (Mark1-Mark6).

Ref.16610LV has changed twice during production:

  • 2003: In the initial production style of the green water ghost, the small holes of the ears at the connection between the bracelet and the case are penetrated (ear penetration). After that, the small holes in the ears immediately became semi-penetrated. Observe the small holes.
  • 2007: [ROLEX] English words are carved on the case’s inside, and the watch’s serial number is engraved at 6 o’clock.

Based on inheriting the original green water ghost Ref.16610LV, the second-generation green water ghost Ref.116610LV turned the bezel material into a wear-resistant ceramic. It boldly turned the color of the dial into green. The editor thinks that the design of this green circle and the green process is a classic among the green water ghosts. It is one of the representative styles supporting modern Rolex’s popularity. Even if the new green water ghost is released now, many watchmates are still the old green water. Ghosts, remember.

Let’s take a look at what the second-generation green water ghost has changed compared with the first-generation:

  • Case: The surface’s thickness has changed from 2.7mm to 4mm, and the shoulder guards have become more prominent, making the subject look bigger.
  • Neutron: The folding oyster insurance buckle that can adjust the length without tools with a tool is equipped with a rolex replicas swiss made Glidelock extension system. The middle part of the bracelet also changes from hollow to solid.
  • Bezian: The scale-plated platinum number is from an aluminum bezel to a scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic bezel.
  • Dial: From black to green, the exclusive “green gold” coatings are used in the layers; the pointer and luminous scale have also become thicker, significantly improving the visibility; Effect blue brilliant.
  • Movement: Replaced with a cashmere blue Parachrom to make the watch more resistant to earthquake resistance.

Ref.116610LV also experienced a slight change during production, and the buckle quality around 2016 became mirror polishing. After discontinuation, according to the characteristics of fonts, the dial of Ref.116610LV is also subdivided explicitly into 4 (Mark1-Mark4).

Finally, look at the third-generation new green water ghost Ref.126610LV. This release was beyond the expectations of most laborers. At first glance, I thought it was the first generation of water ghosts. The actual case size was 41mm, one of the most significant changes in this submariner series. The new generation of green water ghosts not only have cases, but their overall size has become more extensive, and the number of breaks is one section less than the old models. The movement was upgraded to Rolex 3235, and the kinetic energy reserve was improved to about 70 hours. In addition, a small crown is added in the middle of the 6 o’clock direction of the dial to show a difference. Although most people still tend to be old green ghosts because they have been discontinued and are not easy to start, this new Ref.126610LV will become stronger and stronger in the future.

Gender: Men’s
Model: 16610LV
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Width: 20mm

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