Swiss Rolex Replica Daytona In Pink Tones Freezes The Beauty Of Cherry Blossoms.

The well-known watch modification brand AET REMOULD has launched a stylish Daytona watch. The pink tone interprets the ultimate romantic atmosphere. From the name of this watch, “Sakura,” it is not difficult to know that its design inspiration comes from the beautiful cherry blossoms, and at this time coincides with the early blooming of cherry blossoms; AET REMOULD launched this new watch at this time point, presumably also After careful consideration.

Last summer, AET REMOULD launched the Viscay Green Daytona swiss Rolex replica watch with a refreshing tone to create a relaxed and comfortable summer. Today, the brand continues the previous design style, and the cherry blossom tends to make a breath of spring.

Specifically, the dial of this watch is covered in pink, emphasizing the inner design concept with exquisite color language. This primary color is also extended to the tachymeter scale on the bezel, further enhancing visual perception. To match the dreamy dial color, the watch’s hands, hour markers, sub-dials, crown, and chronograph buttons are also made of rose gold, which presents a delicate and elegant charm.

The case is made of AET REMOULD’s classic ceramic material, endowed with elegant and pure white, which complements the pink tone of cherry blossoms. Not only that but the strap is also made of the same ceramic material, which not only brings a warm and jade-like wearing experience but also highlights the sense of unity of the watch.

The beauty of cherry blossoms is brilliant but short. AET REMOULD combines it with luxury replica watches to remind people to cherish the passage of time and seize every beautiful moment. This pink Daytona is very individual, and using natural colors to give the watch more aesthetic value is also the consistent design style of AET REMOULD.

Case size:40 MM
Case material:Rose Gold
Bracelet material:Rose Gold
Dial type:Ivory Baton

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