A New Generation Of Adventure Home Swiss Watch Replicas

  • The explorer returned to the traditional 36mm diameter case for the first time 11 years later. This was a lot of attention when it was released. Compared with the old model with a diameter of 36 mm, the time marks, including “369”, have expanded, and use the chroma light luminous through all the time marks and pointers, which significantly improves the day’s visibility and night. In addition, the dial is printed with a crown mark between swiss replica and Made at 6 o’clock. The movement is equipped with the Cal.3230, released in 2020. It uses Rolex patent timing escapement for about 70 hours of power storage.
  • In addition, among many people’s height shouts, Jinjin Ref.124273 also appeared. As the first tyrant gold model of the adventure family, the main chain of the bezel, crown, and bracelets is made of 18K gold. On both sides of the bracelet, oyster steel is designed, and the middle part is 18K gold, and the mirror polishing treatment is made, greatly enhancing the watch’s charm. The timing of the dial and pointer also adopts an 18K gold design, with black disks and white characters, which is visually more prominently compared with the steel ref.124270, and it looks taller.
  • The first generation of adventure family types can be traced back to World War II. At that time, the adventure boom was triggered, and Rolex developed a professional swiss watch replicas that could play the best performance in a harsh environment. In 1953, explorers Edmond Hillary and Danze Norgi were the first humans to climb Mount Everest successfully. The same year, Rolex officially released the “Explorer,” an explorer to commemorate this historic achievement. The figure below shows Rolex’s first-generation explorer.
  • In short, with a diameter of 36 mm, both men and women can be perfectly grasped. The simple wind design does not have a crown shoulder. When adjusting time, you only need to lose the crown, which is very friendly to the nails. There is no need to change the calendar. It is very recommended to be a sports model for entry. Because compared with other sports styles, the price is relatively low, and the premium is relatively small. If you need to shoot for a short time after starting, the recovery price is not much different from the official pricing.

Case size:39 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel
Dial type:Black Quarter Arabic

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