Swiss Replica Rolexes Comparison Of Old And New At Daytona

Rolex’s six-figure Daytona steel models Ref.116520 and 116500LN, as the king of Rolex sports models, have attracted much attention regardless of whether they are cash or discontinued models.

First, let’s take a look at the old Ref.116520. It has been in production since 2000, and it was announced that the show ended when the appearance of the current Ref.116500LN in 2016. Ref.116520 is equipped with swiss replica rolexes self-developed Cal.4130 chronograph movement, the kinetic energy reserve is increased from 52 hours of the previous Ref.16520 (Zenith movement) to 72 hours, and a paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring (2007 Changed to a blue Parachrom hairspring every year), significantly improving shock resistance and magnetic resistance. During the 16 years of production, there have been various subtle changes in appearance, and these details can also be used as a method of partial identification of replica watches for sale.

  • 2002: The font on the bezel changed from thin to thick, and the font on the bezel in the later period looks like a printed font.
  • 2004: Minute and hour hands thicker, pre-2004 long and short hands thinner.
  • 2006: The outer wall of the dial began to be engraved with the font of [ROLEX], the engraving of the watch number at the six o’clock direction, and the crown engraving at the noon direction.
  • 2007: The hairspring was replaced with a blue Parachrom hairspring with excellent paramagnetic and shock resistance. Although the Parachrom hairspring was used in Ref.116520 before other models, it was not a blue hairspring when released.
  • 2008: Changed the style from a buckle with a hole to a frosted pin.
  • 2010: The seconds dial used for the chronograph function circulates the long dials with 27-second and 33-second scales. This feature is also more common in individuals produced between 2000 and 2005, and those built between 2006 and 2009 have relatively short scales. (mainly a part commonly found on black disks)
  • 2010: The outer ring of the sub-dials changed from yellowish silver to pure silver. (The white disk is probably after 2011)
  • 2012: The inner plate part of the clasp was increased by 5mm, and the structure of the head part was integrated from 3 pieces into 1 part.
  • 2013: The luminous paint is changed from Super Luminova to Chromalate, and the bright color is also changed from green to blue.
  • 2015: The quality of the inner plate of the clasp changed from frosted to mirrored.

The most popular of Ref.116520 is its final form (mirror buckle), which was discontinued after less than a year of production. The quantity is minimal, especially since its out-of-print new products are rare. There is still [APH] dial in Ref.116520, which is more common in models after the V prefix in 2009 (white dials are more common in models after 2013). In addition, among the early models of white plates from 2000 to 2004, there are still scarce individuals that fade to cream, and the market price is second only to the out-of-print new products.

With the advent of the current Daytona Ref.116500LN in 2016, the production of the old Ref.116520 has officially ended. Ref.116500LN is equipped with a scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic bezel developed and patented by Rolex. The scale of the bezel is plated with platinum numbers. The design is a bit like the plastic bezel born in 1965. The case and bracelet are the same as the old ones. Although the movement is the same Cal.4130 as the old model, Rolex has set its Superlative Chronometer certification since 2015. The average daily difference after the campaign is installed in the case is -2~+ Within 2 seconds, it is more than twice the standard certified by the Swiss Observatory. The reliability has also been greatly improved. Since the current Daytona production, there have been some highly subtle changes in details. However, since these changes will not affect the market, they will not be highlighted here.

Regardless of the price factor in the current market, the old and new Gangdi have advantages and disadvantages. Which one do you prefer?

Case size:40 MM
Case material:White Gold
Bracelet material:Crocodile – Black
Dial type:White Arabic

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