Rolex 2021 Watch Masterpiece Replica Watches Swiss.

Rolex presented perfect works with superb professional watchmaking skills. These times have led us through a beautiful journey: from deep acupoints to peaks, from outer space to polar loneness, and from precision technology to superb watchmaking technology; Rolex invites you to start a journey of exploration of geography, craftsmanship, and aesthetics Essence.

Explorer type: Explore the unknown zone

The adventure home series was born at the top of the world, and then it became more and more advanced with the assistance of legendary climbers. The Himalayas and the highest peak, Mount Everest, provided Rolex replica watches with a natural watch laboratory.

Since the date of birth, the expeditionary family type is solid and reliable, clear and easy to read, and continuously meets the diverse needs of explorers. Facing a harsh environment, precise control of time is the key to survival.

The adventure home series, accompanied by the experience of the expeditions, experienced various situations: climbing the peak, penetrating the cave, and experiencing bone erosion and cold in the Arctic region and the hot and high temperature of the volcanic area. With a 24-hour pointer, the adventure home II has become an ideal watch for polar explorers, cave scholars, and volcanic scientists, accompanied by explorers to carry out various adventure activities.

The new generation of adventure home and adventure home II symbolizes the eternal mission of Rolex’s pursuit of excellence. In addition to the reliable core performance, this series considers the elegant design.

Oyster Perpetual Explorer launched gold steel models. Gold Steel is a combination of oyster steel and 18CT gold. It is tenacious and elegant, showing a distinctive Rolex style.

Oyster steel is a unique alloy with outstanding toughness and luster. It is the critical material for making adventure home cases and straps. Home-type II (Oyster Perpetual Explorer II) has become an essential partner for the adventure family.

The dial design is unique.

The deal is the first impression of the watch. The Rolex dial condenses ingenuity and vitality, and the light is sprinkled on the dial, exuding an intelligent and eye-catching glory. Rolex’s new dial also has energy from ancient times. The material used in the dial is derived from the depths of the earth, or it can be traced back to the solar system’s origin from a distant galaxy. Fortunately, with watchmakers’ professional knowledge and watchmaking experience, this energy from outer space gives souls and personality to Rolex dials.

The dial of the new oyster-type Harmoto log (Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36) uses palm leaves or pit patterns. The colors are olive green, silver, or gold, and traditional watchmaking materials such as copper, zinc, nickel, titanium, and silicon; the precision processing of advanced watchmaking technology shows deep and agile metallic luster.

The new Oyster Perpetual Cosmography Daytona is selected with 18CT gold, 18CT white gold, or 18CT eternal rose gold. The dial is made of a meteorite that spans time and space. The texture presented by this substance was formed slowly in the process of walking through the asteroid through the universe after millions of years.

Rolex selected metal luster meteorites by strict aesthetic standards. Each piece of meteorite used to make a dial has its unique texture structure, so each cosmos with a meteorite dial is unique and exudes a special charm.

Ingenuity presents diamonds

Diamonds symbolize ancient times and the earth has undergone billions of years. After careful carving, it can show its natural charm and make it bright. Gem scholars cooperate with mosaic artisans to glow with diamonds.

Gem scholars carefully select gems and then embed them individually into the dial, outer ring, case, or strap by inlaid artisans. The precision level of operation is unimaginable. After a time, it has an excellent inheritance. The weekly calendar 36 and the gem inlaid of women’s clothing are hundreds of delicate operations.

The new oyster constant per week 36 (Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36) Selected color matching clock mark and crocodile leather strap. 18CT gold models with coral color, 18CT white gold models with turquoise blue, and 18CT eternal rose gold models with wine red. Diamond decoration gives the classic weekly calendar 36 watches showing a new look of the same eye.

The middle case, outer ring, dial, and head of state-type strap of the new oyster-type women’s cloth log (Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust) replica watches swiss with bright luster to slender wrists.

Model: m216570-0001
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Series: Explorer
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Length: 18cm

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