Swiss Watches Replicas Explorer Brief History

When it comes to Rolex professional watch series, most people think of Submariner submariners and Explorer; it is a series many people will ignore. Compared with other series, the Explorer has a low-key positioning, has no complex functions, and even saves the calendar. Only the simple three stitches are not launched until later, the two more complex calendars plus the two places.

But Explorer is the originator of the entire professional watch. It was founded in 1953, and then there were two series of Submariner and 1955 GMT series in 1954. If he traces his history, he also has a slight relationship with the back of the bubble.

As early as the 1930s, Rolex began sponsoring the adventure project to show the strong and durable image of its watch, including the Himalayan climbing project. Explorers wear Rolex Oyster Perpetual swiss watches replicas, thanks to Rolex’s oyster case and automatic movement to ensure that the eye is precise -making the explorers not afraid of the peak, calmly deal with extreme weather, and complete the task.

By the end of the forty 1940s, the Rolex watch was recognized by everyone, and the wings became plump. At this time, Rolex’s senior officials began to distinguish their products. After aftermarket investigation, multiple epoch-making styles were launched in the 1950s. Explorers are the first series of Rolex professional replica watches.

On May 29, 1953, the first time in human history was on Mount Everest, which was highly consistent with Rolex Explorer Series. Rolex took advantage of this opportunity to vigorously promote it. The combination of mountain climbing and adventure ignited this professional sports watch that was popular worldwide with a long-standing three stitches and 369 scales.

These three are early explorers.

Although from the market design, he referred to the creation of his predecessor bubble back, after all, the roots were Miao Hong, and the classic image was established from the beginning. Positions 3, 6, and 9 are used. At noon, the work is the Great Triangle indicator; the other positions are strip scale. Representative Mercedes -Benz needles are also essential. By the way, say a small episode. The Mercedes -Benz needle initially appeared on the back of the bubbles and later became the identification symbol of the Rolex professional watch. From this time, it has mostly stayed the same. If you want to say the most classic Rolex element, the Mercedes -Benz needle ranks first in addition to the oyster case.

Ref.1016 Gilt Dial

Starting from the fourth generation, 1016, because the previous three generations of production are short and the number is scarce, there is no need to study this field for most watchmates. Ref.1016 is the longest production time in the explorer series. From the 26-year manufacturing time of 1963 to 1989, there are various historical versions. For explorer fans, plaster noodles must be available. In addition to the plaster radium at night, there is also the GILT DIAL process. This extinct craft is also one of the selling points of Vintage Rolex’s intense hype.

Ref.1016 late

In the later period, the luminosity at 1016 was replaced with T25’s brilliant shining light, but it did not affect the bright scales of the dish surface due to an extended period. With a solid high-arched glue mirror, it becomes another taste.

1016 has a long time in reign, and the version has changed a lot, so the number of periods is more. Those who can play at this level are the Great Gods. The price is high; the collection value is more significant than the wearing. If you have yet to study in-depth research, it is not recommended to imitate it easily.


Fourteen thousand two hundred seventy produced from 1989 to 2001. The size continued the 36mm diameter of the previous generation. The appearance has changed a lot with antique exploration: the original acrylic mirror was replaced with more complex sapphire glass, Fill luminous, of which 369 numbers consider that the area is too small and there is no brilliant coating filling. This watch is also extensively pursued by fans due to the star effect of Takuya Kimura Takuya, becoming a popular entry-level visit style.


114270 is a complete version of 14270, produced from 2001 to 2010. In the case of remaining unchanged, new movements and new luminous coatings have been replaced. Although the 14270 is hotter, the configuration of the 114270 is much higher from a rational perspective. The gap between the 3000 and 3130 movements is for now; let’s make significant changes to the steel belt. It will be upgraded from the original band buckle to a triple safety buckle design. It will be more comfortable to wear. It’s still essential.

Therefore, on the issue of choosing a 36mm explorer, personal suggestions are generally better to select a new 114270 state under the general situation instead of blindly pursuing 14270. After all, the chance of old problems will be higher. Fourteen thousand two hundred seventy can also focus on bonus points.


By 2010, 214270 became a new product of exploring the era. Condensing the large-scale needs of customers in the diameter expanded from 36mm to 39mm, and the market design also changed. 369’s digital scale is replaced with a solid platinum configuration, and the identifier of Explorer is also placed from top to bottom.

In terms of pointers, it has become a criticism of the fans. The information is the old Rolex old water ghost on the inventory pointer. The second hand is pulled a little longer, but the time of the minute hand is not facing the proportion of the surface scale; the most serious is that the inner circle is evident. Only do you do.

Maybe Rolex’s conscience discovered that in 2016, this exploration was discontinued, and a new version, 1.5, was launched. Because the new explore is a slight change on the market, the model still retains the original 214270. To facilitate the description, the poisoning used 16 years of exploration of 214270 New to distinguish.

Ref.214270 New

The design of 214270 NEW has primarily returned to the 114270 styles. Thanks to the larger plate surface, the 369 digital hollows are made of luminous filling, making the dark environment easier to distinguish time.

The proportion of pointers has also been optimized again, which has satisfied the fans. Unfortunately, the platinum scale of 214270 disappeared after a few years; the design was replaced on the Xinkong tyrant 116900. The features of the series make concessions.

Summarize the evolution process of explorers 1, and develop steadily in innovation. Each change is injected into fresh blood to wake up vitality, but it can maintain the classic elements of the plate to run through the entire process—marketing brand master.

The Explorer always plays the role of a sweeping monk in many Rolex series. It is good to say it is beautiful, and he takes out his wallet.

Simple is not simple, and the size suits Asian wrists; explore the most versatile style in the sports series. Some small wrists have 36mm and 39mm options like the novel and large sizes. The flexible choice always has an explorer to cooperate with you and go to the place where people are inaccessible.

Rolex adventure home type, model: 214270-0003, table diameter: 39mm, movement: CAL.3132.

Case size:39 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel
Dial type:Black Quarter Arabic

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