Dynasties Deep Sea: Rolex Replica Swiss Sea-dweller

Rolex, the first waterproof watch in history, Oyster oyster diving swiss fake watches, continuously explores the limit of waterproof technology and provides safe, reliable, and precise support for the new generation of sea explorations. In response to the technological development of saturated diving, Rolex launched the first SEA-DWELLER diving watch in 1967. The first pioneer was founded. With a powerful waterproof performance and sports style, there was no different family.

In early 1967, Sea-Dweller had double-row red letters, and waterproof performance was 610 meters.

The birth of Sea-DWELLER

The ROLEX actively participated in various deep-diving adventures, and research has accumulated unprecedented technological breakthroughs. In 1967, the first SEA-DWELLER diving watch was launched—a patent automatic discharge device. Early saturated divers occur when the high-pressure cabin respiration contains a large mixture of mixed gas decompression. The tiny molecule will slowly penetrate the case through the rubber ring.

Rolex’s row device obtained patent certification in 1967. The right is the automatic discharge device on the side surface of the nine o’clock position on the SEA-DWELLER Ref.126600 nine o’clock.

During the subsequent decompression process, the speed released by the gas in the watch in the watch is slower than the pressure in the cabin, and the air pressure trapped inside the eye is relatively large so that the mirror surface flies off like a champagne plug. Essence Therefore, the rowing device can be described as an essential function of the deep -sea diving.

Rolex SEA-DWELLER diving watch has won the trust of the French diving scientific research company COMEX, becoming a designated time under the employee, and has witnessed many essential diving milestones for decades. And in 1992, the test in the high-pressure cabin reached the 701-meter record of the human physiological limit.

3235 automatic chain movement, with blue Parachrom trap, Paraflex cushioning device, and chronology escapement device.


The continuous improvement performance of the new generation of SEA-Dweller’s waterproof performance in 1978 has increased significantly to 1,220 meters, becoming the first mass-produced diving watch that breaks a kilometer. Ref.116600, unveiled in 2014, was the first SEA-DWELLERer after the millennium. The internal carrier obtained a COSC-certified 3135 automatic chain movement and re-entered the rivers and lakes with a comprehensive improvement.

The new Ref.126600 released by the 50th anniversary of the birth of Sea-Dweller was equipped with a 3235 automatic chain movement that obtained the precision time of Rolex replica swiss Observatory. In addition to the Parachrom and Paraflex cushioning device, it also added a patent Chronergy escapement system. Make power storage from 48 to 70 hours, and the daily error is accurate within 2 seconds.

(Left/right) SEA-Dweller’s time marks, inverted triangles on the bezel, and pointers are coated with patented chroma-light luminous materials. The oyster surface has a patented Glidelock extension system.

Keep pace with the times.

Ref.126600 is paired with unique black surfaces, high-night light clock marks, and Mercedes-type pointers. The red-character Sea-Dweller, which inherited the original version of 1967, pays tribute to the brilliant history created by it. The inverted triangle on the bezel and the pointer are coated with patented chroma-light luminous materials. Its unique blue light can continue to shine for 8 hours, which is double the ordinary bright material to ensure that the wearer can read in a dark environment.

The diameter increased to 43 mm. For the first time, the date window was added to make the wearer more clearly the reading date and took into account the practicality of daily wear. It is equipped with an oyster strap and a patented Glidelock extension system that can extend per grid 2 mm (up to 20 mm long), which is convenient for divers to be worn by heavy submersibles.

SEA-DWELLER (Ref.126603) Golden steel oyster case, one-way rotating Cerachrom pottery ring, 43 mm diameter, time, minute, second, date, 3235 automatic upper-chain movement, power stored for 70 hours, Top Observatory Certification, waterproof 1,220 meters, golden steel oyster straps.

Series: Submariner
Band Width: 20mm
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Model: 114060-97200
Brand: Rolex

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