No Price Increase, No Offer; This Is An “Unpopular” Rolex Swiss Replica Watches

Rolex, the price in recent years has been very unreasonable.

The “speculators” of various ways began to stir-fry from the submarine type, spreading to the sports series such as Di Tongdao and Greenwich in the cosmos, eventually leading to almost the entire brand product, including ordinary oysters, the weekly calendar, and log type—hefty area premium.

However, not all Rolex was fried very high. There is such a series that has been cold or hot.

This is Chelini.

Unlike Rolex’s Rolex

Chelini is the resurrection series, and Chelini has stopped production for a long time. Newly released at the Basel Watch Show in 2014 and launched three new styles in one breath.

In fact, from the birth of the Chelini series to the present, the fans are loved as oyster rolex swiss replica watches. For Rolex, the topic of the public’s discussion is still a sports style, such as the submariner type, the adventure home, and the cosmococcant Tongtong. For a formal manner, the primary week calendar type and log type occupy the main market. Even from the traditional point of view in the watches, oyster watches are the orthodox blood of Rolex.

The original intention of Rolex’s launch of Chelini was to show his artistic concept.

Rolex’s success in sports watches (toolings) has shaped a reliable, durable, and concise image. This is, of course, successful, but the brand also needs to break through Volkswagen’s default brand positioning to show Rolex’s artistic philosophy. For a not rigorous example, it was a bit like the Volkswagen Piech established a glass factory to make Phateon.

Therefore, the Chelini series has a lot of support products that are unlike Rolex. The shell shape is full of imagination. To this day, there are at least five types of styles: Classic classic two-needle shape, Cellissima particular multilateral shape, Danaos dual -character style style style, Cellinium small three-pin style, Cestello’s ears design; this is not a jewelry table style orchid displayed on the Rolenic official website. Chelini has tried a lot and even incorporated the prince type into the product line.

The prince type was born in 1928, almost 40 years earlier than the birth of the Chelini series. The original intention was similar to Chelini’s. Essence, the prince’s unique small second hand, made it loved by the medical staff at that time because doctors needed to use watches to calculate the pulse and won the “Doctor” swatch title. ” Later, Rolex launched the Railway Prince Ref. 1527, Prince Dauphine, Sporting Prince Jumping Hour, and other styles of prince series.

The strategy of the Prince type is also from the side that the Chelini series also shows that the Chelini series is the position of Rolex to offer his artistic aesthetics today. When the new Prince Chelini was launched, Rolex quickly broke the consistent practice of never doing the bottom style and used the bottom-up design for the prince type.

Therefore, Chelini is the most unlike Rolex Rolex, but it is rich in Rolex’s artistic dream.

Two reasons. First, Chelini has never used a stainless steel case, and all use precious metal cases. This kind of treatment can only be enjoyed before representing the brand’s leading position. Second, Chelini has adopted a rare bottom-up design in the prince type. At the same time, to avoid blocking the movement, the gangster movement ensures that people can appreciate all the activities. On Chelini, Rolex no longer worried about the stability of the action and instead hopes to show the artistic standard of the movement to the world.

Where is the change?

As a recognized conservative brand in the industry, it is commendable to usher in Chelini.

The bezel and the back of the surface have significantly changed. Based on the double-outer ring consisting of the arched outer ring and the outer ring of the triangle pits. Previously, this “wolf tooth ring” was usually used on the oyster watch, and the weekly calendar type and log type were used most. Secondly, the back of the table uses Rolex’s retro “bubble back.” The cousin who plays the antique Rolex will be familiar with Rolex’s “Bubble Back,” which is the Bubble Back.

In terms of function, many daily practical essential functions have been added. The three stitches, calendar display, two places, and moon phase styles are involved; automatic vertical movements that have never appeared before the introduction; the waterproof performance has increased from 30 meters in the previous to 50 meters.

There is no problem with the new Chelini series. The Chelini series is artistic among Rolex’s complex watch products. It fills the side of the Rolex brand with creative design. Any designs of the sky can be reflected in this series. I think this series has a little taste of “tiger sniffing rose,” which can be martial arts and relaxed.

Does the market welcome Chelini?

The Chelini series watches are still unpopular in Rolex. Today, the other series of Rolex are sought-after fans. The Chelini series has always been applauded. The first-level market is undesirable, and many cousins have a slight performance in the second-hand trading market. However, when the new Chelini was launched in 2014, I checked the history of the Anti Gulun auction from 2003 to 2013 and was surprised to find that although there was not a large numbering of Chelini series fake watches for sale, the number of streams in 10 years was in 10 years. At most, 10. This result is not easy to do. But it still cannot be burst. There are three reasons.

First, the Chelini series does not form a fixed style. As Rolex’s main formal style, Chelini has many specific models. In addition to the unique line of the Chelini watch in the Chelini series, the Chelini series also has a variety of classic shapes. For example, the form of the pentagonal case of Chelini’s “left-mouth fish,” the traditional circular and square, and even the hexagonal shell style. There are both gold coins, commemorative types, and diamonds. To create the Chelini series, Rolex made a lot of attempts, which means that the main line of the Chelini series needs to be clarified.

The changing style does not form a fixed manner. The class is complicated, but there are a few prominent styles.

Second, before the launch of the new style Chelini, the Chelini series did not have an automatic movement. The Chelini series insists on using a manual string movement. Although its system is vast, the automatic closet movement has yet to be used in its direction.

To emphasize the interaction of the human watch and reflect the art, Rolex resolutely uses only a manual strings movement. Although insisting on manual string movements is a manifestation of Rolex’s demand for formal watches, in modern life, the style without automatic strings movement is indeed excluded by the subjective emotions of some watchmakers, and there is undoubtedly an inconvenient side in life wearing. Today, the new Chelini series obediently uses an automatic string movement.

Third, the Chelini series features need to be more single. Before the launch of the three new styles of the new Chelini series, the date display of the new Chelini series, and the functions of the two places, I am afraid that no one thought that the Chelini series would have a calendar style. Before we saw the new type of the old Chelini watches 70 or eighty years ago, in addition to the simple two-pin watch, there needed to be a better small second style.

No signs show that Rolex will add the Chelini series to the calendar function, and even make some senior Rolex cousins determined that the Chelini series needs other parts. This stable single has caused the Chelini series to stay in the most basic watch style, even more, inferior to the weekly calendar or log type.

Therefore, Chelini is destined to be a Rolex’s upset, and a few people always like it.

Dial Color: Silver Dial
Gender: Men’s
Movement: Automatic
Model: m50529-0006
Band Width: 20mm
Series: Cellini
Engine: Rolex Calibre 9015/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex

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