Niche Group Left Crown Swiss Watch Replica Is Easy To Choose

The original intention of the “left watch crown” was for divers. At that time, when the divers were working underwater, they needed to wear a lot of instruments on their left hand—designed on the left side of the case to facilitate the adjustment of the diver. But the use of the left crown swiss watch replica is more accessible. Next, let’s get the three “left-handed” eyes together!

Rolex Greenwich II series M126720VTNR-0002 watch

  • Product model: m126720vtnr -0002
  • Watch diameter: 40 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machinery
  • Movement model: 3285
  • C case material: oyster steel
  • Waterproof depth: 100 meters

The “left-handed” Rolex watch fans may be pleased. At the Genova “Watch and Miracle” high-end clock exhibition in Geneva in 2022, Rolex launched a new Greenworm II watch. Side. The 40 mm oyster case ensures the 100-meter waterproof performance of the watch. The watch is equipped with a “Sprite Circle” with a green and black two-color color, made of ceramics, and the green part represents daytime. The black part means nighttime. The calendar window and small window convex lens are also adjusted to the left at 9 o’clock. The watch is equipped with a 3285 movement, which has the functions of the two places. Rolex patented blue Parachrom hood, Paraflex cushioning device, and Chronergy escapement can improve the movement’s campaign and avoid magnetic field interference, thereby ensuring the high performance of the action and the high performance of the sign of direction high efficiency. The training is certified by the Swiss replica Observatory. After installing the case, the accuracy is within two seconds daily, and the power reserve is about 70 hours.

Panerai Lu Mino series PAM00796 watch

  • Product model: PAM00796
  • Watch diameter: 44 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machinery
  • Movement model: P.5001
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Waterproof depth: 300 meters

There have been many left-handed watches in the Lumino series, among which the eight-day chain style is relatively high. The eye uses a 44mm stainless steel case with a black sandwich dial. The crown and crown bridge is located at 9 o’clock. Everyone knows that the crown bridge is the most iconic design of Panerai. After the left side, it is even more conspicuous. The dial uses a small three-needle layout, and the small second hand is at 3 o’clock. In addition to the brand English name of 6 o’clock, “8 Days” is also marked with blue. Long dynamics. This is due to the P.5001 manual movement equipped with the watch. Panerai independently developed this movement and displayed the power storage on the back of the action. The waterproof ability of the eye is also excellent. It reaches 300 meters. It can be said that it is an original “left-handed” watch!

IWC Watch Watch pilot series IW501012 watch

  • Product model: IW501012
  • Watch diameter: 46.2 mm
  • Movement type: automatic machinery
  • Movement model: 52010
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Waterproof depth: 60 meters

Also using the left crown design is Wanni’s “Da Fei.” The diameter of the 46.2 mm watch makes the watch look very large. The bell position has a calendar display. The crown is located on the left side of the case. The large-sized design echoes the large dial, and the second is also easy to operate. The power reserve of this “Dafei” is also quite powerful. The inside of the watch is equipped with a 52010 movement. The double-hair bar is the iconic character of the 52000 movement series. You can protect the automatic chain operation with almost no wear, which is efficient on the chain and provides sufficient 7-day motivation. You can see the power reserve display at 9 o’clock on the dial. Watch waterproof depth is 60 meters, and 250 pieces are issued in a limited quantity.

Just as each watch can almost cause discussion after the new Greenwood-type II is launched, although some watchmakers feel that “change the soup without changing medicine,” the left crown’s design attracts some of the “left-handed” group’s attention. Essence In Panerai’s history, the “left -handed” watch has always existed. The brand created a left-handed look for the frogman of the Italian Navy in the 1940s. The “Da Fei” of the country is attracted to its enormous size. The watch introduced to you today was produced in 2019 and was released in a limited quantity. Friends who like it can go to the shop to touch luck.

Model: M126720VTNR-0002
Dial Color: Black Dial
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Band Length: 18cm
Brand: Rolex
Series: GMT-Master

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