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Watchmakers familiar with Rolex know that Rolex has never done complex functions and does not make alien cases. People often even make people feel that it is somewhat stubborn and paranoid in product design, which is also a regret for many watchmakers.

Everyone knows that Rolex “does not make” complex tables, and there is indeed no too complicated table in the Rolex on sale. The most complex Rolex is the “heaven” in the annual calendar and the two places. But this does not mean that Rolex has no complex functional technology. Today, let me introduce the concept technology of Rolex, including the following:

Rolex ELF 7230 movement

The Rolex “complex movement” has never been mass-produced.

Rolex has a lot of technical patents, but few “real things” can let everyone see. The 7230 movement, code-named ELF, is a Rolex escorting concept technology prototype. It is a sporadic “experimental prototype movement” that Rolex is very rare. Some players will now wonder whether Rolex has made such a movement. There is no doubt that this movement was photographed at the auction in 2018.

Rolex ELF 7230 movement.

Rolex ELF 7230 movement is the prototype movement of Rolex Hengli. In 1998, a total of 20 pieces were produced. We can see that at the position of the wheels under the direction, there is an opening of “butterfly wings.” This is the “constant power” device designed by Rolex. A detailed “metal wire” initially passes through the left and right “metal walls.” Do you know what this “metal silk” is? It is “Hengli Spring.” At the same time, we can see three shock absorbers on the movement; the two are the escalation wheel shock absorbers. The ELF 7230 movement has two escapements (the general watch is only one).

It can be seen that the “metal wire” Hengli spring in the movement is fixed on the metal arm.

When the movement is running, the two escapement wheels pass the power, the “metal arm” will pull the “metal wire” Hengli spring up and down, and the Hengli spring will divide the power of the clockwork into the same force, ensuring that the movement is always always the movement. It runs under the same and stable motivation. If the activity is insufficient and the “power” of the constant force spring cannot be pulled, then the movement stops running. To ensure accurate time.

Rolex ELF 7230 movement on the side of the wheel shows no difference between the wrapping, the trace, and the average Rolex.

Rolex ELF 7230 movement was theoretically perfect, but it was not feasible then. The reason was that the “metal silk” Hengli spring was made of Nivarox alloy. Experiments have proved that the Nivarox alloy cannot meet the movement requirements of the movement. Rolex eventually terminated it. But things continued like this.

Zhiba Hengli sedation watch can be developed by Rolex ELF 7230 movement.

Zhiba hired Rolex ELF 7230 movement inventor (Nicolas Déhon). When it comes to this, everyone will think of the constant motivation of the Zhiba imitation watches. Yes, that’s it. After the inventor arrived at Zhiba, he developed this continuous power device set. He later discovered that the constant force spring was made with a silicon material, and the Hengli device could run perfectly and achieve mass production. Therefore, in 2013, Zhiba used this technology to launch a constant power segmentation watch, which has also become a complicated watch for the iconic look. From the Zheba Hengli capture watch, we can see the connection with Rolex ELF 7230 movement.

The constant force escapement device of Zhiba is made of silicon material to achieve practical and mass production.

There are many concepts of Rolex, but mass production is the most stable.

Everyone knows that Rolex sells men’s swiss replica watches and has popularized the new generation 32 series (3235, etc.) movements. On the 32 series movement, a new type of Chronergy sedes up. Chronergy’s escapement is still the structure of traditional Switzerland leverage.

On the Rolex 32 series movement, the practical Chronergy escapement is still the form of Switzerland leverage.

However, Rolex has also developed similar to Omega’s coaxial escapement and an exclusive escapement of Audemars Piguet. This kind of capture agency with historically impacting observatory capture as a prototype was applied in 2009 and 2014. The watch may already exist. However, it is reported that Rolex eventually abandoned the shocking observatory’s escapement and believed that the impact of the Taiwanese astronomical escapement was still not good enough. Instead, the FREE BALANCE capture developed by German independent watchmakers Christian Klings is a prototype, invented new escapement, and obtained a patent in 2015. Some people speculate that it can only be released in 2030.

Some information said that Rolex is based on the FREE BALANCE escapement developed by German independent watchmakers Christian Klings and produces new escapements.

In addition, Rolex also has a technical patent for chasing acupuncture, including double chase and three chases (similar to Lange San Chao), which are developed for Di Tong Laos. Rolex also has a set of pointers that can switch the patents of two time zones in one click, designed for GMT and Tan II. After learning about this information, Rolex will launch any “special and complex features” in the future. We should not be surprised because although Rolex does not make complex tables, it does not mean Rolex has no technology.

  • Series: Sky-dweller
  • Model: m326934-0003
  • Band Length: 19.5cm
  • Band Width: 21mm
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Gender: Men’s

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