I Want To Call It The Most Cost-effective Rolex Knockoff

Whenever Rolex is mentioned, the high premium and the hard-to-find status quo seem to have nothing to do with “cost performance.” But everything is not absolute. Among the many products of Rolex, there is a watch that is relatively easy to buy, has a low public price, an average diameter, high recognition, and high anti-magnetic function-the, Air King. Call it the best value for money, Rolex.

Ref.124300 “Tiffany Blue”

The public price is close to that of the Airmaster, and there are Oyster Perpetual and Tanyi, which are called Rolex’s “Three Treasures for Beginners” and are the first choice for many watch friends to experience Rolex for the first time. The 2020 Oyster Perpetual, with its turquoise color similar to “Tiffany Blue,” has become a new favorite in the market in one fell swoop. Not only is the turquoise color hot, but the prices of other colored disks have also risen. The Oyster Perpetual has thus achieved a counterattack, and it is naturally impossible to describe it with “cost-effectiveness.”

Ref.124273 and Ref.124270

One of the “Three Treasures for Getting Started,” “Tanyi,” uses Mercedes-Benz needles. The watch is rich in details and function and should also have the same high-cost performance. However, since Rolex released the new Tanyi Ref.124270 last year, it has reduced the diameter of the watch from 39mm to 36mm. For this size, although some watch friends commented that it returned to the classic, more watch friends questioned the small watch. The diameter of the eye is no longer in line with the current fashion trend, so the market response to the 2021 Tanyi is far less intense than expected.

Ref.214270 and Ref.116900

Correspondingly, the price of the old Tanyi Ref.214270 has recently risen significantly in the secondary market, which also explains, to a certain extent, the impact of the watch’s diameter on the watch’s value. Regarding “cost performance,” the current price increase of the old 39mm Tanyi is not the best choice. The so-called cost-effectiveness depends entirely on the foil. Among the “three brothers” in the past, the colored Oyster Perpetual has long been out of reach, and the 36mm diameter of the new Tanyi is unacceptable to all watch friends. At this time, only the Airbus is left to carry it alone. Set up the banner of cost performance.

As for the choice of watch diameter, Airmaster is just right, and the watch diameter of 40 mm is undoubtedly the most moderate size. Xintanyi’s market performance is flat mainly due to the use of a 36mm watch diameter. Although many people like this classic size, it is inevitable that the current watch diameter of 40mm and above is the mainstream choice.

Let’s take a look at the product positioning of the Rolex Airmaster. It was born in the 1950s and is a watch designed for flight reading. It is characterized by a unique “Air-King” font printed under the dial ROLEX logo. And from the first generation to the present, we can still find this small detail in the current model Ref.116900. Ref.116900 uses black as the primary color, and the dial details are relatively affluent: using Mercedes-Benz needles and Roman numerals, the yellow crown logo with the green “ROLEX” and the second hand is eye-catching.

The Mercedes-Benz needle is one of the most iconic designs of rolex knockoff. As the name suggests, the top of the pointer adopts a three-section shape similar to the Mercedes-Benz LOGO. The original purpose of this design is to divide the luminous paint area. In that era, when the technology was relatively immature, a large area of paint on the pointer was likely to cause problems such as falling off and cracking. Therefore, the birth of the Mercedes-Benz needle was also limited by a specific era background. Nowadays, although the technical problem of luminous paint has been solved, this particular pointer has also been retained as a brand symbol with a high degree of recognition.

Rolex Cal.3131 movement

In addition to the watch diameter and recognition, the price-performance ratio of the Airmaster is also reflected in the excellent movement performance. The Airmaster has equipped with the same Rolex Cal.3131 movement as the “Green Glass.” This movement is upgraded based on Cal.3130 and is equipped with a blue hairspring, Glucydur balance wheel, and a paramagnetic escapement made of amorphous nickel phosphide. Longitudinal, it can resist the magnetic force of 1000 Gauss. This performance is rare in watches of the same price, and many products with a higher price than the Airmaster do not have it. Rolex replica watches.

Compared with the Oyster Perpetual, the Airmaster does not have the high premium brought by the color dial, and the unique yellow crown and green Rolex letters make it special; compared with the new 36mm Tanyi, the 40mm diameter is more popular. The public welcome and the Cal.3131 movement also have excellent anti-magnetic properties. The available price in the early 50,000 and the relatively reasonable price in the secondary market make the Airbus easier to be accepted by people. However, the current model Ref.116900, is a watch released in 2016. In recent years, Rolex has also replaced the new product with a 32-series movement with a longer dynamic storage time. As for whether Airmaster will launch an iterative model of the new direction in the short term and the price trend of future products are full of unknowns. But for now, Airmaster Ref. 116900 is still the most cost-effective Rolex.

Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Air-king
Model: m116900-0001
Dial Color: Black Dial
Movement: Automatic

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