Fake Rolex Mother-of-pearl Dial! Colorful, Who Do You Love?

The mother-of-pearl material generally exists in the outer layer of pearls and the inner shell of pearl oysters or freshwater pearl mollusks. The English name of mother-of-pearl is Mother of Pearl. Rolex internally marks the mother-of-pearl dial as ( M.O.P)

The advantage of the mother-of-pearl dial is that it is varied, the texture of each piece of mother-of-pearl is different, and there is no worry of oxidation! However, the mother-of-pearl dial is also extremely fragile, making it even more delicate!

We first want to introduce the Tahitian Fritillaria, the Black Butterfly. This mother-of-pearl, which is native to the South Pacific, is mainly dark in color and is famous all over the world for its changeable colors.

Tahitian Fritillaria is not only black; some dials made of colorful edges of butterfly shells are even more varied under dark colors!

Due to over-exploitation, Tahitian pearls were temporarily under export control from the 1990s to 2017.

How to distinguish Tahitian Fritillaria? It depends on the background color. If the background color is dark, it is likely to be Tahiti! Even if he is blue, purple, and various colors.

In stark contrast to Tahitian Fritillaria is White Fritillaria, also known as Greater Pearl Oyster, which is the most common Fritillaria.

Some white fritillaria are even so clear that they are almost pure white, making it difficult to discern their cloud-like color patterns. Swiss models replica watches.

The white mother-of-pearl is like the clouds in the sky, clustered and pearly white, with a unique charm.

Have you ever seen the mother-of-pearl of gold? This is the champagne-colored Fritillaria, which is a branch of white Fritillaria, and its color is mainly golden.

And this kind of gold-colored champagne-colored mother-of-pearl is scarce in Rolex mother-of-pearl. It was initially classified as white mother-of-pearl. Later, with the continuous excavation of players, it finally became a school!

The yellow fritillary is a step further than gold, which appears only briefly above the four beauties.

The “Four Beauties” of Rolex in the millennium sparked a pink frenzy in one fell swoop. In recent years, many people have also sought pink mother-of-pearl. Fake Rolex.

This pink and delicate mother-of-pearl can touch thousands of women’s hearts and attract most male cousins to charge for it! Who wouldn’t love it?

A senior once said: Pearls are handed over to women, so mother-of-pearl is handed over to our male compatriots!

Movement: Automatic
Model: 116519
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Series: Daytona
Engine: Mingzhu Engine

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