Rolex Is Accumulating Strength To Hold Back A Big Move, Swiss Watches Replicas

“In 2025, Rolex will launch a replica 6062.”

It is predicted that in March this year, Rolex will bring the new Perpetual 1908 model. Precious metals, tiny three needles, belts, and slimness, among its ordinary tool watches, look “very un-Rolex,” full of elegant formal watch attributes.

The sharp-eyed friends also found that the 1908 model came and Cellini left, so they judged that the 1908 model was a reasonable replacement for Cellini. Swiss watches replicas.

This year’s four 1908 models (platinum and gold, each with black and white dials) are more like the front of Rolex’s big move. This series has no substantial connection with Cellini, and its core is Rolex’s ambition – to hit expensive formal clothes table fields.

In 1908, Hans Wilsdorf officially founded Rolex, so 1908 is significant. Being able to name the series with this year’s number is enough to see the importance of the brand.

In addition, the new 7140 movement equipped with the 1908 model has too much room for imagination. The thickness of the 7140 movements is only 4.05 mm, which is 34% thinner than the primary 32 series movement and 13% thinner than the Jaeger-LeCoultre 899 movement. Because of its thinness, the Home 899 movement has long been the favorite basic movement of brands such as Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin.

Therefore, it is too easy for Rolex to add modules such as calendar and moon to 7140. In the future, the series will develop more complex functions.

Throughout century-old history, Rolex has only released three moon phases. In addition to the Cellini mentioned above moon phases, there are two other swiss models, ref.6062 and ref.8171. These two antique timepieces’ dial layout is similar to Patek Philippe ref.1526, the first mass-produced perpetual calendar watch. The double windows of the day and month were moved directly below the noon scale and placed in the center of the stage. The second hand and the moon phase Blended into the 6 o’clock steering wheel, the slightly different is the date indication, but classics are classics, and it is worth imitating each other.



Although ref.6062 was born in 1950, we are not unfamiliar with it; it has been on the news.

In 2017, ref. 6062 of Bao Dai, the last emperor of Vietnam, was auctioned for a sky-high price of 35 million yuan, making it the most expensive Rolex then. After the French-Vietnamese War was completed in 1954, Bao Dai went to Switzerland to discuss the future of Vietnam with countries worldwide. During this period, he accidentally discovered Chronomètrie Philippe Beguin’s watch shop and told the clerk: What I want is the rarest and most precious Rolex. Ultimately, the diamond-encrusted version ref.6062, which has only three pieces worldwide, won his satisfaction.

We know that Rolex’s most complicated product line today is the angel Sky-Dweller, so some friends who are new to the bezel mistakenly think that Rolex cannot make complex functions. You can feel it after reading ref.6062 and ref.8171. Whether it is the moon phase or the full calendar, Rolex still holds the handle, and their complexity will equal the Sky-Dweller.

The complex functions were born around the 1950s, and the full-calendar chronograph Dato-Compax was later worn by the skier Jean-Claude Killy, also known as Killy. Killy is the final chapter of complex antiques, starting with ref. 4768 (non-Oyster case)/ref. 4767 (Oyster case), and finally, ref. 6236, spanning 15 years from 1947-1962.


Ref.6236 is the most collectible, equipped with external Valjoux movement.

Both ref.6062 and ref.6236 were unpopular when they were launched and belonged to the category of displaying dust on the shelves. This kind of cold situation is similar to that of Daytona at the beginning of its release; The watch’s timekeeping and full calendar functions are a bit lame, so these expensive watches had not experienced their pinnacle before leaving the cold palace.

Then why do you dare to assert that Rolex will launch a replica 6062 in 2025?

Finally, I want to point out the question. I have sorted out the following reasons. You can take a look.

  1. Not what it used to be

Before the 1990s, Rolex, like many brands, obtained components through suppliers, and it was easy to form a situation where the quality took work to control.

Subsequently, Patrick Heiniger strategically acquired companies such as case manufacturer Genex, strap manufacturer Gay Frères, dial manufacturer Beyeler, crown manufacturer Boninchi, and movement manufacturer Aegler. In 2004, he realized completely independent production and quality control. It is no longer a complex problem, so if Rolex wants to remanufacture other complex functions, the quality can also be guaranteed.

  1. Multiple paths

In recent years, Rolex has only relied on sports watches to make Ba Rui watches. However, after the brand has seen too many cases of a single model rising and collapsing buildings, multiple lines and multiple preparations can maintain its lasting influence.

You see, 5711 is so popular, Patek Philippe stopped as soon as it said; 11.59 was sprayed so badly that Audemars Piguet still launched new ones. For Rolex, it is an excellent choice for engaging in formal watches.

  1. Model 1908 is an ambition

From the naming rules to the imaginable space of the 7140 movements, the 1908 model will still be completed and developed in a high-end direction.

  1. Watches are getting more expensive
  2. 75th anniversary

2025 is the 75th anniversary of the release of ref.6062. They value years that are multiples of 25. Therefore, ref.6062 can be grafted into the 1908 series and resurrected. It doesn’t matter if it is not an Oyster case in the early stage.

Series: Cellini
Case Color: Rose Gold-tone
Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: White Dial
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Model: m50535-0002
Brand: Rolex

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