Black Gold Submariner Ref.16808 Mount Fuji, Swiss Watch Replicas

Today I would like to introduce a distinctive sports pure gold Rolex watch, Ref.16808. It was produced in 1981 and is the second generation of Rolex’s precious metal Submariner series watches.

As everyone knows, the market circulation of Shuigui Gujinlao Ref.16808 is minimal at this stage. There are two reasons for this.

First, it has attracted the attention of many well-known collectors and institutions in recent years, and many collections have been held by them, resulting in a decrease in market circulation.

Second, when the Ref.16808 new watch was sold, its output was rare, and the price was extremely high. It can be seen from the Japanese Rolex pricing table at that time in the above picture that the pure gold model of the water ghost is more than ten times the price of the steel model of the same period, and it is 500,000 yen more expensive than the Greenwich of the same period. Compared with the current official Rolex pricing, it can be considered terrifying. Swiss watch replicas.

Next, look at the condition of the body of the watch.


First of all, looking at the dial from the front gives people a very different feeling at first glance. The black dial is matched with golden text, and it does not use any redundant colors, which is very handsome. A small frame around the luminous dial prevents the bright light from falling off. Compared with modern Rolex, the brilliant frame design of Ref.16808 has a feature, that is, a thicker frame design. The luminous shape is similar to Mount Fuji in Japan, so this kind of disk is also called Fuji Mountain noodles. Tag Heuer replica watches.


In Japan, previous gold watch owners took good care of their watches and maintained them regularly. Therefore, most existing antique gold watch cases in circulation tend to become slightly thinner, like the lugs this time. Thick antique golden old ones are relatively rare. Although there are minor scratches on the whole, the case has no significant damage, and it can be regarded as superior in terms of the appearance of the case.


As for the strap, it is a pity that the original pure gold strap has been lost. We have matched it with a black belt, which complements the black dial well.

Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Band Length: 19cm
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 16mm
Band Color: Gold-tone
Model: 116618LN-97208
Series: Submariner

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