Tiger Daytona, Best Replica Watches Review

Ref.116589TBR is not the first Tiger Di released by Rolex. Rolex has launched the first generation of Rolex before, the gold Tiger Di Ref.116588TBR.

The origin of Tiger Di’s name is that the pattern on the dial is similar to that of a tiger, so we call it Tiger Daytona, and it is also called [EYE Of The Tiger] in Europe and America. Tiger Di’s models all end with TBR, the abbreviation of Tessellate Brilliants in English. When translated into Chinese, it means bright-cut masonry, which belongs to a unique bezel of Rolex watches. Best replica watches review.

Tiger Di’s diamonds can be said to be highly luxurious. There are 36 inlaid diamonds on the bezel and 243 on the dial. The stars are even more beautiful.

Let’s look at the comparison chart between the first and second generations. Is it full of aura? Whether it was the Golden Tiger Di in 2019 or the Platinum Tiger Di in 2021, they all have a powerful sense of visual impact. In addition, when it comes to the market, the market price of Golden Tiger Di was around 1 million renminbi when it was first launched, and now it has exceeded 1.9 million renminbi, which can be said to be soaring all the way. Replica watches for sale.

The above are two kinds of Hudi’s try-on pictures; which one do you like more?

Series: Daytona
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Black
Model: 116588TBR-0003
Case Color: Gold-tone

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