Ultra Rare Daytona Ref.16588, Fake Swiss Watches

What do you think of when you mention the luxury Daytona watch? Shawn Yue? Or Lukindi and Rainbow Di? You don’t know that Rolex launched a luxury Daytona watch in the 1990s. I would appreciate an ultra-rare EL Primero Daytona watch Ref.16588 with you today.

Before introducing this watch, let’s introduce EL Primero Daytona first. EL Primero Daytona refers to the Daytona watches produced from the second half of 1980 to around 2000 and equipped with a Zenith movement. It is a milestone in the Daytona series of watches. It is the first Rolex chronograph watch with a self-winding movement and the first time using a 40mm Daytona. Therefore, many cousins who like Daytona are flocking to it. Fake swiss watches.

Next, let’s cut into the theme and look at Ref.16588, which I’m appreciating with you today. At first glance, it feels luxurious, with a pink sapphire bezel, a rice-grain diamond dial, and eight rubies. And pink The sapphire bezel can be said to complement and complement each other.

Only a case made of pure gold can be matched with the sapphire bezel and diamond dial. The gold material makes the watch more luxurious and high-end. Although it was a watch from more than 20 years ago, the shell shape is still preserved to a relatively good extent. Generally speaking, pure gold watches are usually in better condition than steel watches of the same period.

In terms of the strap, the leather strap produced in Switzerland is used instead of the pure gold strap, which makes the overall feeling of the watch more elegant and less rough. The official Rolex watch has two versions of the belt in brown and pink. We chose the versatile brown strap.

Another thing to mention is that the luxury Rolex currently circulating in the market, from the EL Primero Dayton to the Rainbow Di in production, has many modified Daytona imitation watches, which are limited based on the original pure gold watch. , inlaid with diamonds and sapphires; the price difference between the post-diamond and original versions is enormous, so please be careful when purchasing. The piece I appreciate this time is attached with the maintenance quotation officially issued by Rolex, so it can be believed that all the parts are original Rolex.

Finally, let us appreciate this beautiful EL Primero Daytona.

Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Gold-tone
Model: 116598RBOW
Dial Color: Black Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex

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