The Old Five-digit Model Of The Rolex DD Yellow Gold Model, Swiss Replica Rolexes

Today, I want to share a gold watch that can be used as one of Rolex’s graduation swiss models. It is a gold watch with a day-date model. It is an old model with a five-digit model and diamonds, 36mm Ref. 18238A, with a wide variety of colors. It was produced from 1988 to around 2000. The movement it is equipped with is Cal.3155. The apparent difference from the previous generation is that it realizes quick adjustment of the week. The size of the watch diameter is the same as that of the previous generation, but the thickness has been slightly controlled and thinned. Swiss replica rolexes.

The secondary market price of the current day-date model may be more than RMB 250,000, so compared with the old five-digit model, it is very affordable. The online cost is estimated to be about RMB 130,000. Next, I will share the specific pictures. The picture shows a champagne dial with diamond hour markers. The overall color is consistent with the gold material. It looks very cool and high-end. The base design of this diamond is square, and it no longer exists after the change around 1995.
Regarding other details, the gold seal inside the buckle is the new Saint Bernard seal. The old seal was a woman’s profile. In addition, the triangular pit pattern outer ring is made with exquisite cutting technology and a high-end head of state. The large bracelet shows that this is a watch for a successful person, and it looks more mature and stable. The T-shaped watch produced in 1996 in the picture looks in good condition. It is hard to imagine that it was a watch from 27 years ago. The bracelet of watches of this era is usually severely deformed and in good condition. One of the critical points of damage is the first thing that must be confirmed before buying. The second step is to see if there are any significant dents or severe polishing.

Model: 118238
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 36mm
Dial Color: Champagne Dial
Series: Day-Date
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Gold-tone

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