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Rolex Yacht 126622

Let’s briefly talk about the background of Rolex Yachts.

Yacht is a relatively “new” series among Rolex sports watches (the following does not include the countdown Yacht II). The Rolex Yacht Series came out in 1992. The first model was 16628, 40 mm in size, using the 3135 movement. It was an all-gold sports watch. Compared with the Water Ghost, which has a strong sense of professionalism and tools, the yacht has taken the luxury route from the beginning. Unfortunately, the original all-gold yacht didn’t take off. Rolex Yachts became famous and widely known, starting with the launch of the steel-hulled yacht 16622 in 1999. The steel-hulled yacht became an instant hit because of its platinum bezel and dial, although the case and bracelet were made of steel. In the past few years (probably 2015), a yacht (116621/126621) with a rose gold bezel and rose gold links was also launched. It is distinguished from Rolex Submariner through platinum, rose gold, and other materials.

The first yacht launched in the history of Rolex, 16628

Rolex’s 1999 steel-hulled platinum ring yacht, 16622

Currently, the yachts on sale (referring to Yacht I, excluding the countdown Yacht II) include 126622 (gray plate or blue plate) with a steel shell and platinum ring; 126621 (black plate or brown plate) with a steel shell and rose gold ring. In addition, there are gold yachts with 42mm white gold shells and 40mm increased gold shells. All ships on sale already use the 3235 movements (excluding countdown and 37 women’s models). Swiss replica rolex.

Rolex Yacht, 126622

Rolex Yacht, 126621

PS. There are rumors that Rolex wanted to “modify” Submariner in the 1980s and designed many plans. But in the end, Rolex believed that the Submariner should keep its classic style unchanged, so it gave up the “remodeling.” The yacht is one of the previous facelift plans (developed from the Submariner “facelift plan”). Of course, this rumor should be treated purely as entertainment.

Rolex rose gold yacht.

Rolex Platinum Yacht, please note that this watch is 42mm. Not the 40mm of an ordinary yacht.

“On deck” is more luxurious than “under water”.

I heard a saying that impressed me deeply. Saying “above the water” is more luxurious than “under the water.” This refers to the fact that yacht-themed watches are often more luxurious than diving watches. Here are Rolex yachts, IWC Yacht Elite, Parmigiani Fleurier Yachts, Franck Muller V45 Yachts, etc. Because each yacht series is on the deck, there is no need to dive, and there is no need to have professional solid attributes. It can emphasize luxury (although the Submariner also has all-gold models, everyone can understand this meaning). Rolex replicas for sale.

Rolex Yacht 126622

The Rolex steel-hulled yacht 126622, like the Submariner, is 40 mm, which is Rolex’s classic size—moderate size, suitable for all wrists. The most prominent feature of the steel-hulled yacht 126622 is the platinum bezel. Platinum is the most valuable precious metal among luxury watches. Because of the difficulty in processing, the public price of platinum watches is higher than that of gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. The main body of the yacht’s platinum bezel is frosted and matte, but the numbers and scales on the bezel are embossed and protrude from the bezel. The prominent numbers and rankings are polished and set off by a matte bezel, which is very bright and conspicuous under the light. At the same time, even if it is a gold yacht with a ceramic ring, the bezel scale numbers are raised (excluding the countdown Yacht II), and the bezel can rotate in both directions. In comparison, the scales and numbers on the bezels of various Rolex Submariner models are slightly recessed. Although there are many similarities between yachts and water ghosts, the bezel is the most significant difference in appearance.

Rolex Yacht 126622, bezel, and dial are all platinum.

Although the Rolex Yacht looks like a diving watch, it is not a professional diving watch. The yacht’s crown also uses Rolex’s triple waterproof device with three locks. After unlocking the height, the crown pops up, and you can also see a thick waterproof rubber ring, but the yacht is waterproof to 100 meters. For professional diving watches like Submariner, 300 meters of water resistance is the basic standard.

The dials of Rolex steel-hulled yachts have now developed several colors. The earliest Rolex yachts mainly featured silver plates with red needles and blue plates with red arrows. Now, the silver plate red needle has been discontinued. While the blue plate red needle is retained, a gray plate blue needle has been added. The new gray plate with the blue arrow is commonly known as “grey yacht” among the people. Because of its good looks, it has been prevalent in the past two years. In addition, the dial of yacht 126622 is also platinum.

Rolex Yacht 126622 gray plate, commonly known as “gray yacht”

All yachts on sale have now been equipped with Rolex’s new generation 3235 movement. Similarly, a small crown logo is in the center of SWISS MADE below the 6 o’clock position on the disk. If you see a slight crown in the center of SWISS MADE, it is the new 3235 movement model (such as 126622). If not, then the old 3135 movement model has been discontinued (such as 116622). After replacing the 3235 movement, the power reserve is significantly improved compared to the previous 3135. The 70-hour power is still very convenient. The watch will continue unless you wear it for two days. It has been several years since Rolex replaced the 32 series movements. I also wear a few looks with 32-series movements. In terms of actual time, my watches are very accurate. It can reach the standard of +2/-2 per day of the Rolex Super Observatory. Rolex has used a variety of new technologies on the 32 series movements, including the Chronergy escapement system, 14 new patents, etc., which have also been tested in recent years.

Rolex new generation 3235 movement

The bracelet of a Rolex yacht is still an Oyster bracelet for a steel watch, and it is a tape for a gold-shell boat. The platinum ring 126622 is a pure steel chain, and the rose gold ring 126621 is a rose gold watch chain. The clasp of the yacht is the same as that of Daytona, GMT, etc. The folding clasp is added with a small cap, and the last section of the bracelet can be folded to shorten/extend half a team. The buckle does not have the sliding function to adjust the length like the water ghost.

The clasp of Rolex Yacht 126622 is the same as Daytona, GMT, Explorer, etc.

The public price of platinum ring 126622 for the Rolex yacht is RMB 93,400 (the general cost of the gold yacht with the rose gold ring is RMB 113,000). But everyone also knows that yachts are more “affordable” Rolex sports watches. The actual price of yacht 126622 is also below the public expense (discounts, exchange rates, secondary market, and other factors depend on individual circumstances). Of course, this is also because, among Rolex sports watches, yachts are less popular than Submariner, GMT, etc. Yacht 126622 is a luxurious but low-key Rolex. The silver platinum part looks no different from a steel watch, but people who understand it will naturally understand.

Band Length: 18cm
Brand: Rolex
Series: Yacht-master
Case Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Model: 116622BLSO
Dial Color: Blue Dial

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