2018 Popular Rolex Ranking, Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Steel Case Daytona Model 116500

Rolex Steel Case Daytona 116500

Undoubtedly, the hottest Rolex in 2018 is the steel-cased Daytona 116500. The steel-cased Daytona has always been Rolex’s top watch “since ancient times,” and its popularity is unmatched. Several years have passed since the launch of the new ceramic ring steel case Daytona 116500 (Panda Di). Not only has the market not declined at all, but it is still “scaling to peaks,” and the year has reached an all-time high. A new 116500 watch with a white plate can get more than RMB 150,000, while the public price of 116500 is RMB 95,000. Among the mainstream luxury watches on the market, only Daytona can exceed the general price to this extent. There are two types of steel shell Daytona 116500 disks. The white disk (panda color) has a relatively high price, while the black disk has a relatively low price. In 2018, being able to buy a white plate 116500 at a price lower than the market price can only be said to be an explosion of character.

Rolex Green Submariner Model 116610LV

Rolex Green Ghost 116610LV

Green Ghost has been rising since the year before last, and its increase in 2017 was even higher than Daytona’s 116,500. But compared to the Daytona 116500 that exploded in 2018, the Green Ghost feels capped in 2018. Currently, a new Green Ghost watch is more than RMB 80,000, and the public price of the Green Ghost is RMB 70,000. Compared with the Daytona 116,500, the ultra-public price is much “moderate.” However, the Green Ghost is highly well-known and attracts much attention, so it is more popular than other popular Rolexes. If the price of RMB 80,000 for a green ghost the year before last was a “high asking price,” then this price in 2018 is the average market price. Rolex replica watches.

Rolex Blackwater Ghost model 116610LN

Rolex black ghost 116610LN

Before 2018, I never felt Rolex Negi was a particularly hot watch. Because in the past two years, Nigger has always had discount watches, watches that can be bought relatively easily at prices lower than the public price. And starting in 2018, for some unknown reason, the market price of experienced niggas began to rise rapidly. From 50,000 to 60,000, to super affordable prices, to nearly 70,000. In 2017, the actual price of green ghosts started to exceed 7, and the public price of 65,900 black ghosts has already reached the level of previous green ghosts. I feel that there are still a lot of niggas on the market now. It is easy to buy an experienced nigger, but you just have to pay more than before. Judging from the actual price increase, Nigga is one of Rolex’s dark horses in 2018.

Rolex five-bead chain red and blue circle GMT-Master model 126710

Rolex steel case five bead chain red and blue circle 126710

The Rolex GMT-Master five-bead chain with red and blue circles is the latest Rolex model 2018. Undoubtedly, as soon as the first half of the year came out, the price of the five-bead chain with red and blue circles exploded instantly, reaching more than 100,000. For Rolex, this is normal. The public cost of the five-bead chain with red and blue circles is 71,800. The actual cost is around 11, much higher than the general price. But there is a phenomenon in the red and blue circles of the five-bead chain; its heat is slowly fading away. Like the Rolex Sea-Dweller with red letters, it soared when it first came out but then gradually declined; the Rolex Gold Skywalker (especially the blue version) also slowly fell after being above the public price for some time… Compared with the popularity of the red and blue circles of the five-bead chain when it was first launched, the red and blue circles of the five-bead chain have now declined slightly (a little lower than at the beginning of 2018). Franck muller replica.

Rolex blue-black circle GMT-Master model 116710BLNR

Rolex blue black ring 116710

Another dark horse among the popular Rolexes in 2018. Following the rapid rise in market prices in 2018, Blue Black Circle Greenwich is the second sports car to see a rapid increase in market prices. Before 2018, although the blue and black circle was a famous sportsman, it had been relatively stable. The public price was RMB 69,300, a watch with discounts that could be bought below the general price. But starting in 2018, probably driven by the new steel-cased five-bead chain red and blue bezel GMT-Master, the popularity of Rolex’s colored bezel GMT-Master began to rise, attracting unprecedented attention. As a result, the actual price of Greenwich in the blue and black circles started to rise. Now, the blue and black circle’s actual price exceeds the public price, exceeding RMB 70,000. At present, the three types of steel shell Greenwich, five-bead chain red and blue circle, blue and black circle, black circle, red and blue, and blue and black are all much higher than the public price, while the actual price of the black circle is still within the general price.

Rolex Green Face Goldi Model 116508

Rolex green face Goldi 116508

Under normal circumstances, famous Rolexes are mainly made of steel watches. Because the public price of gold Rolex is very high, the market is smaller than that of steel watches, and the demand is smaller, so there is less speculation. But among the Rolex gold watches, there is one whose market price has continuously risen in the past two years. This watch is the Rolex green gold case Daytona, 116508. At that time, the actual price of the green-faced Jindi was still over 170,000. Then, the cost of green-faced Jindi slowly rose, from more than 170,000 to 180,000, 190,000, 200,000, and more than 200,000. Unknowingly, in 2018, the actual price of green-faced Jindi was even It’s 230,000. Generally speaking, gold watches have relatively significant discounts. Gold watches like green-faced Jindi, which are rising step by step and have almost no discounts, are also robust. Among Rolex gold watches, the green-faced Goldi is one of the hottest.

Some changes in 2018 compared to 2017.

Rolex Scarlet Letter Sea-Dweller

Rolex gold and blue dial Skywalker

The market situation of Rolex can be said to change “all the time,” not to mention that a year has passed. Some popular items in 2017 have become less popular after a year. For example, the Rolex 41mm DJ and 126334 are trendy (especially the blue plate), and they have become customary in 2018; the Gold Skywalker was also very popular in 2017 (the blue plate is also more popular), but some of the Gold Skywalker prices have fallen back in 2018. It has reached the public price range; in 2017, the Red Letter Sea-Dweller was very popular when it first came out, but in 2018, it also returned to the market price range. Economically, in 2018, exchange rate fluctuations were one of the reasons that affected the market for luxury watches, including Rolex.

Model: m116508-0013
Dial Color: Green Dial
Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Gender: Men’s

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