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Rolex Detective 1 214270

Compared to the Rolex Daytona and Submariner, the Tantan Er is a relatively “niche” watch among sportswear enthusiasts. Although the market price of Rolex has increased across the board in the past two years, compared with the hotly speculated models such as Gangdi, Submariner, Red and Blue Circle, Blue Black Circle, and Blue Skywalker, although the market of Tanyitaner has also increased, it belongs to the market. Relatively “rational” exercise labor can even be discounted. In sports, Laurie is very cost-effective.

Rolex Detective II 216570

Tan Yi Tan Er is also a Rolex watch with a very “background.”

Rolex’s sports watches (professional watches) each have a professional direction. Don’t do everything well; do well in your specialty. For example, Daytona is a skilled clock, Submariner is a professional diving watch, Lightning Needle is a professional antimagnetic watch, and Greenwich is a professional GMT dual-time watch. The professional direction of Rolex Explorer is adventure, such as mountain climbing and entering caves. Rolex Explorer 2 has historically been a watch related to mountain climbing. Best rolex replica.

When climbing Mount Everest in 1953, notice the watch on the wrist of the climber. It is the predecessor of Rolex Tanyi.

The exploration’s origin is that 1953 climbers Hillary and Norgay climbed Mount Everest. This was the first time humans climbed Mount Everest. When the mountaineering team climbed Mount Everest, they wore watches provided by Rolex. This watch was the predecessor of the Rolex Explorer series. From this, the Rolex Explorer (Tanyi) was born, and bit climbed the mountain. Everesaatch.

This is the New Guinea snow mountain climbed by the first Rolex Explorer.

Let’s look at the current situation of Tan 1 and Tan 2.

Tanyi is the simplest of Rolex sports watches: no extra features, no calendar. The most essential time functions are only hours, minutes, and second hands. Considering that Tanyi is a professional watch developed for mountaineering, mountaineering does not require any functions. As long as it is sturdy and durable, has a sizeable luminous intensity, and is easy to read. Its most prominent feature is the 3, 6, and 9 time scales on the Tanyi feature. Two main types of Tanyi currently circulating on the market are new and old models. You need to note that regardless of whether it is a new or old model, the 39mm Tanyi number is 214270. Rolex did not adapt the number when launching the new Tanyi. Therefore, distinguishing between new and old models is the most important thing when buying Tanyi. The way to determine the old from the unknown is straightforward. There are two differences between the old and new Tanyi.

The old Rolex Explorer 214270 (top) and the new Rolex Explorer 214270 (bottom), pay attention to the difference between 369 and the pointer.

  1. The 3, 6, and 9-hour markers of the new 39mm Tanyi are all luminous characters with luminous characters; the 3, 6, and 9-hour markers of the old 39mm Tanyi are metal characters without brilliant characters.
  2. The hour and minute hands of the new 39mm probe are more extensive and thicker, and the minute hand is longer; the hour and minute hands of the old 39mm probe are shorter and thinner, and the minute hand is more temporary.

There are two types of 39mm Tanyi 214270 because the previous generation Tanyi 114270 was 36mm. After upgrading to the 39mm 214270, the case size was only increased to 39 at the beginning. The pointer is not changed. Later, I found that the proportions were not particularly good, so I changed the hands to longer and thicker ones. What is currently on sale in specialty stores are the new fat-needle and luminous 369 Tanyi. However, many old fine-needle metal 369 Tanyi are on the secondary market. You should pay attention to the distinction.

The new Rolex Tanyi 214270 is on sale.

Although they are both explorers, the Rolex Explorer 2 and Rolex Explorer 1 are very different. The Rolex Explorer 2 has a dual time function, a calendar, 24-hour numerals on the bezel, and a shoulder guard on the crown. This is because, in the 1970s, Rolex felt that the functions of the Tan 1 could have been better, so it launched the Tan 2 to improve the watch configuration.

Rolex Explorer 2 adds two local timepieces, the primary purpose of which is to distinguish between day and night in such caves.

First, the time in two places is added so that explorers can identify the correct time (such as 10 pm or 10 am) in caves, extreme daylight, and powerful night places where it isn’t easy to distinguish between day and night. A calendar and crown shoulder guards were also added. Two types of Tan Er are circulating on the market: one new style and one old style. You need to pay attention to the distinction. The number of the new model is 216570, and the number of the old model is 16570. The numbers are different, and there are several noticeable differences in the watch’s appearance.

The old Rolex Explorer 16570 (top) and the new Rolex Explorer 216570 (bottom) pay attention to the difference in the hands.

  1. The new model 216570 is 42mm in size and is enormous; the old model 16570 is 40mm long and small.
  2. The dual time pointer of the new Taner 216570 is a vast “orange” arrow pointer; the double time pointer of the old Taner 16570 is a small “red” pointer.
  3. The hour and minute hands of the new model 216570 are relatively thick “fat hands”; the hour and minute hands of the old model 16570 are relatively thin “fine hands.”

What is currently on sale in Rolex stores is the new model 216570, and there are many old models 16570 in the secondary market. Please pay attention to the distinction. Another detail needs to be paid attention to when it comes to Tan Er. Because the bezel of Tan Er is a steel ring with printed numbers, attention should be paid to protecting it to prevent the bezel or numbers from being damaged by bumps.

The new Rolex 216570 is on sale.

The public price for Exploration 1 is RMB 51,100, and the general price for Exploration 2 is RMB 64,200. Among the steel watches of mainstream luxury brands, Tanyitaner’s public price is in the middle and normal price range. But among Rolexes, Tanyitaner’s actual price/performance ratio is outstanding. The market for Rolex is rising, and popular sportswear models represented by Gangdi and Submariner have exceeded the public price or are sold with goods. As a sports worker, Tanyitaner is at most the general price and offers discounts in some places.

Rolex is selling the Tan Er 216570, which has sharp, luminous light.

At the same time, you can note that Tanyitaner is a “classless” Rolex. Tanyitaner has always been a steel replica watch, never a precious metal since its birth. For example, Submariner, a professional sports watch, has steel, gold, and total gold, and the levels gradually increase. If you have more money, you can buy the all-gold one; if you have less money, you can buy the steel one, which makes a difference. Since Tanyitaner has always been a steel watch, there will be no difference.

Model: m216570-0001
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Series: Explorer
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Length: 18cm

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