Why Is The Rolex Knockoff Rainbow Ring So Expensive?

Rainbow Circle Daytona Ref. 116595 may be the most “palace-level” Rolex in production now!

Jay Chou not only took photos but also showed off a close-up on his Instagram. You must know that Jay Chou is the spokesperson of the watch brand Tudor.

The most exaggerated one is none other than Jean-Claude Biver. He posted related content several times on Instagram, saying, “I can’t put it down.”

And who is Biver? He is the godfather of the Swiss watch industry and one of the most senior living people. He once worked for Audemars Piguet, then as the international marketing director of Omega, the former boss of Blancpain, the soul of the brand’s revival, and the CEO of the LVMH Group’s watch department, responsible for operating Hublot, TAG Heuer, and Zenith. Three brands.

Why are Rolex rainbow rings so expensive? Similar rainbow rings from other brands are much cheaper. Apart from the well-known hype, Rolex’s rainbow rings are different!

According to the understanding of most of our cousin friends, the rainbow circle only needs to be composed of gems arranged in a gradient. But, because there are so many types of gemstones, the difference in value between them is also huge. In the words of the watch and jewelry media “Two Stars,” “So, any rainbow circle that avoids discussing the types of gemstones is a rogue.”

According to Rolex’s official internal training information, the Rolex Rainbow Daytona uses 36 natural-colored sapphires and rubies totaling about 5.79 carats instead of tourmalines, topaz, and garnets classified as semi-precious stones. , peridot, tanzanite, tsavorite, various crystals, etc. Fake Rolex watches.

To save costs, many watch brands cannot use all-natural sapphire + ruby for their rainbow and gemstone rings but use semi-precious stones instead. Even rolex knockoff itself couldn’t do it. In 2017, Rolex later launched the yacht Ref. 116695, which was also equipped with a gem ring, but it did not have a gradient transition effect and was commonly known as “Jelly Bean.” In comparison, Rainbow Daytona is undoubtedly more precious. In addition to the difference in color, the outer ring of the yacht Ref. 116695 is not all made of expensive colored sapphires and rubies. The green part is made of 8 ordinary and cheap garnets.

Therefore, if you buy a “rainbow ring,” ask about the specific type of gemstone. Although they are both cars starting with the letter B, one is BYD, and the other is Bentley.

In addition to the types of gemstones, there are also different types of gemstones, whether natural or artificial, of various sizes, and the water is intense. The principle of “you get what you pay for” and “two goods for every penny” applies to the watch industry.

Model: 116595RBOW
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Rose Gold-tone
Engine: Mingzhu Engine
Series: Daytona
Band Length: 18cm

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