When Buying A Watch, Rolex Is The “Perfect” Choice, Swiss Rolex Replica

Rolex is comprehensive and balanced and is a proper “hexagonal warrior.” After over ten years of playing with watches, I can responsibly say that Rolex is the “absolutely right” choice to buy a watch, but there are also “problems.” Today, I will talk about this Rolex Datejust 126334.

Rolex Datejust 126334

Most importantly, it’s easy to wear.

If I were asked to name the most significant advantage of Rolex today, Rolex is the best-worn watch, if not one of them. Regardless of Rolex’s extreme pursuit of waterproofing, such as the Ghost King, any Rolex can be worn comfortably on the hand. This kind of comfort is not only the precise measurement of size but also reflected in many details.

This one is 126334, measuring 41 mm, with a five-bead chain. The five-bead chain has 22 dense links, which can be bent freely and fit the wrist. The five-bead bracelets currently on sale in Rolex (men’s models) are no longer equipped with invisible clasps, but all are provided with Oyster clasps. Although five-bead chains were equipped with hidden clasps in the past, which were significantly coordinated and beautiful, now invisible clasps are only used on day calendars. Of course, there are advantages to replacing the Datejust with an Oyster clasp. After all, the Oyster clasp can fold the last section of the watch for fine adjustment, which improves wearing comfort.

Rolex Datejust 126334, with a five-bead chain.

Rolex’s watch buckle is one of the best in the world of luxury watches. Some players will say that the clasps of many other famous watches can also be fine-tuned. Why do you say Rolex is the best? You can take a look and see that the size, metal thickness, and texture of the Rolex buckle are impeccable. Many other famous watch brands have functions on the buckle, but the size, thickness, and texture always need to be improved, and it is easy to feel cheap. Swiss Rolex replica.

On sale for men is a men’s datebook model with a five-bead chain and an Oyster clasp.

Today, the reason why I put the bracelet and buckle in the front and focus on you is that, in the past many years, I have played with a lot of watches, whether they are complex models, ultra-thin models, or models made of unique materials. Many watches need to be more suitable. It is uncomfortable for daily wear, but you can always trust Rolex.

Rolex’s clasp is very well made.

While being durable, it also has a good sense of luxury.

A fundamental reason Rolex is durable is that all Rolex watches use Oyster cases (except for exceptional styles such as Cellini and Perpetual 1908). The Oyster case has a specific thickness and uses a screw-in crown and a screw-in bottom cover. Waterproof and dustproof are in place. Even more formal styles, such as datebooks and weekday calendars, are waterproof to 100 meters. Swiss fake watches.

Rolex 126334, equipped with an 18K white gold dog tooth ring.

On the other hand, the Oyster case has always had the “tool” attribute in its bones since its birth in 1926. Rolex wants to eliminate the tool feel and retain the luxury feel while maintaining the performance of the Oyster case. As can be seen from this log-type 126334, the stainless steel case is polished on a large area to increase the reflection of the case. Rolex is different from other famous watch brands. The Rolex case has many polished surfaces, including the Submariner, where the entire case side is shiny. At the same time, the log type and week calendar use dog tooth rings. Rolex’s dog-tooth rings are all 18K gold rings, and this 126334 is an 18K white gold ring. Many pitted reflective surfaces shine into a halo under the light, adding a soaring sense of luxury.

The dog tooth ring adds to the luxurious feel of Rolex.

The hands and hour markers on the watch’s dial are also 18K gold. Like this regular Datejust, the dial is decorated with radial patterns. In addition, Datejust has added many new disk surfaces in recent years, such as palm leaves and water ripple honeycomb, which further increases the luxurious feel of the disk surface.

For the Rolex Datejust, the hands and hour markers on the dial are also made of 18K gold.

The travel time error is smaller than that of other famous watch brands.

Now, the error standard of Rolex Super Observatory is +2/-2 seconds per day.

Some players will say that my Rolex exceeds this error. Yes, some of the Rolexes I have purchased can be within the +2/-2 second standard when the meter head is upward. Some of them can exceed the +2/-2 second range, but they are beyond the +2/-2 second range. Very little. It is undeniable that the probability of Rolex’s timekeeping problems is much smaller than that of other famous watch brands. An error of more than 10 seconds a day is not uncommon on other favorite watches, but it is rare on Rolex.

Rolex Datejust 126334 case back

The reason why Rolex can have excellent travel time performance is mainly due to the superb performance of the 32 series movement (as well as the performance of the previous generation 31 movement). Rolex Datejust 126334 uses 3235 automatic movements. The size and thickness of the Rolex movement are relatively large, and the structure of the movement is pretty simple. Apart from the calendar, it has no extra functions (DAY DATE weekly calendar, one more week display) and has a blue niobium hairspring, a new Chronergy escapement Longitudinal blessing. This reduces the chance of problems when walking. At the same time, although Rolex’s movement is “simple” in polishing and decoration, it is definitely at the top of its class. Both the visible and invisible parts of the movement are polished, and the gemstone bearings are countersunk and gold-plated, which is difficult for other watches of the same level to achieve.

Rolex 3235 automatic movement

What else could go wrong with a “flawless” Rolex?

The other side of balance and comprehensiveness means the need for outstanding features.

Rolex’s “perfection” is achieved by a unified case, a unified movement, and a unified appearance. If you want skeletonized, excellent, ultra-thin, complicated functions, this is something Rolex cannot provide. Like any sports car, everything else will be given up for power and aerodynamics, and this imbalance will also bring more fun and excitement. Rolex is the “perfect” choice, but we don’t always need to be “perfect.”

Band Width: 20mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 118239
Series: Day-Date
Movement: Automatic

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