Rolex Vertical Flight Type Swiss Watch Replicas

In 2012, the new model “Sky-Dweller” (Heaven) was also called (Sailor). When it was released, only pure gold (Platinum and gold) and rose gold models were designed with leather straps. The movement is a complex design of the automatic chain mechanical constant air venture, the double-time zone, and the annual calendar display. It can show the second time zone time through the 24-hour disk on the dial, coupled with Rolex’s unique Ring Command rotating outer ring setting the watch function; it can be said to be a business for travelers and foreign countries. Watch created by people.

As mentioned above, the Platinum REF.326939 is a model from the beginning. The dial is also a rare ivory White Roman and black Arabic numerals. It may also be affected by rose gold. In 2014, the belt style Ref.326139 also appeared, but the platinum model was announced in 2017, so the white gold model of the belt design was only produced for three years. There are divergent reasons for discontinued production. It is said that Platinum may be too similar to oyster steel, and its popularity has been discounted.

Then let’s talk about the Rose Gold model Ref.326135. This can be said to be produced with Platinum. The first belt design, then the 18K gold swiss replica watch chain, uses Rolex’s unique eternal rose gold. The chocolate dial with sunbeds complements the crocodile leather strap, the only leather strap table model when the Sky-Dweller was released. The only highlight should be a chocolate dial. The color drives the swiss watch replicas. The dial style is also white, pink, and gray. Ref.326935 of the 18K gold bearing in 2014 came out. In 2020, with the emergence of REF.326238 and REF.326235 in rubber straps, the rose gold models designed by the belt announced that they were discontinued.

Finally, the focus of the 18K local gold model Ref.326938 is the focus because production has always started this model, plus the belt style Ref.326138 that appeared in 2014, it can be imagined that the charm of Tuhao Jinjin can be imagined. Essence Of course, the middle of the dial has undergone color changes, and now it is black, white, and champagne color (as of 2022).

The most exciting part of the vertical type is its functional structure (movement), inspired by the ancient Greek sky phenomenon “SAROS.” The annual calendar is called the SAROS system. It must only be manually adjusted in February to achieve the yearly calendar that simple operations can complete. The CAL.9001 power storage is about 72 hours. While reducing the number of functions, it always pursues practicality as much as possible, which is very humane.

This astronomical phenomenon called “Sharow” is the phenomenon of the sun, the Earth, and the moon every 18 years to the same line, the so-called solar and lunar eclipse. The manifestation of the movement is that the center of the action has parts called “Sun Gear” (corresponding to the sun), and there are parts called “satellite gear” (corresponding to the Earth) next to the calendar ring. The structure of the “Sun Gear” revolving for 31 days is achieved at the same time. The satellite gear has four pawns to distinguish the month of 30 days. The monthly change month is generated in only 30 days (April, June, September, and November). The 31-day calendar structure will automatically become the next month in only 30 days. The only thing that requires manual adjustment is February, which is called the “Sharow” system.

  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Band Width: 21mm
  • Model: 326939-72419
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Series: Sky-dweller
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 9015/Mingzhu Engine

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