Comprehensive Interpretation, A New Generation Of Ditonga Swiss Replica Rolexes

This year, Rolex made Di Tong’s complete update replacement and made a thoroughness on the Platinum Shell Dutong. This time, Platinum Ice -Blue Di Tong’s punching bottom has attracted widespread attention and discussion among the players.

Rolex’s new generation of platinum Di Tong 126506

Previously, Rolex had made a thoroughness on Prince Chelini. This time, Platinum Blossom Di Di Ban was the first time the Rolex’s sports (officially referred to as a professional model). In addition to the unexpected, some players said that “Rolex should not be revealed.”

Now, we have actual photos of Rolex’s new Platinum Tonga. Let’s take a look. The new generation of Di Tonga has changed, and it is essential to say that the Platinum Di Tonga has a bottom.

Rolex’s new generation of platinum Dicong 126506

It is unrealistic to ask Rolex about the standard of Patek Philippe. The Rolex movement is conscience on the same level.

First of all, can Rolex be able to get through? Rolex is also known as the same level, Omega, Wan Guo, Cartier, Panerai, Bailian Spirit, True Time, etc. A large number of styles are all through. They can penetrate, and Rolex must be transparent.

After the release of Rolex Platinum Di Tong, some players believe that Rolex 4131 automatic movement is unobstructed at a glance after the bottom of the bottom. Rolex’s movement decoration needs to be more exquisite.

Rolex Platinum Di Tong’s thoroughness, 4131 movements.

Objectively speaking, if we use Patek Philippe’s movement standards to measure Rolex, Rolex’s movement must be rapid with Patek Philippe. However, if the Rolex movement is placed in the same level of the same level, then the Rolex movement is not a little problem and even “conscience.” Where is the conscience? In the visibility, the invisible part, Rolex, has been polished.

Rolex’s bottom, 4131 movement details.

You can see that the new generation 4131 automatic timing movement of Platinum Ice Blue Di uses total gold mechanical tubes, and automated lines are hollowed out. The upper layer of the action is decorated with Geneva stripes and exposed ruby bearings, and the hole position has a gold-plated circle. The exposed screw head was polished. The splint below, the wrapping splint, and brushed. The bottom layer of the movement is decorated with fish scales. The edge of the movement splint has a chamfer.

Rolex’s bottom, 4131 movement details.

The most crucial point is that Rolex’s movement is not visible. The places where they are blocked are also polished. Especially the bottom-layer splint that is almost completely blocked, Rolex will also be filled with fish scales.

Rolex Tong took the 4130 movements and disassembled them. It can be seen that the bottom layer of the movement is covered with fish scales.

Rolex is the same as the name of the same level. I don’t say the word. Players can also lead the gods. Many brands continue to shrink in the polishing of the movement. In the beginning, it was still “only covered without grinding.” It has “shrunk” to the “rough state.” Essence

On one of the same levels of Rolex, there are little fish scales, and others are rough.

The 4131 movement of Rolex Platinum Di Tong, polishing, and decoration, without blowing or black, is the average level of Rolex’s positioning. The critical frame cannot be held. Rolex’s opponent at the same level, “self -abandonment” “is getting lower and lower” for himself, and even “normal levels” can no longer do it.

Rolex’s new 4131 time-type decoration movement.

Players are “expected to be higher.”

Some players have objections about Rolex’s thoroughness this time. The critical point is that Rolex’s first exercise has a bottom-out, and it is on Platin Di Tong. Platinii, a watch with a public price of 600,000, the actual cost is super general. What is the price of platinum ice blue? Patek Philippe 5172g manual timing (platinum shell, 640,000 public fees). What is the movement of Patek Philippe 5172? It is CH29, the top manual timing movement in the world. In such a generation, the thoroughness of Rolex Platinum Di Tong has a gap.

Rolex’s new generation of platinum Di Tong 126506

Rolex’s new -generation 4131 movement is placed on the steel and has no problem. Putting it on Platinum Blossomy, which is still through the bottom, has raised people’s expectations of the movement. I hope this movement can also match the “hot frying price” of Platini.

Rolex’s new generation of platinum Di Tong 126506

What are the changes in Rolex’s new generation of Ditonga?

The movement part:

Let’s talk about the movement first, Rolex’s new generation 4131 automatic timing movement, based on the 4130 movements, replaced the Rolex Chronergy escapement system. That is the “hollow escapement” used by Rolex on the 32 series. And increase the number of rolling bearings on the automatic tubular. The old 4130 movement is seven rolling bearings, and the new 4131 movement has 29 (I counted it). In terms of movement performance, the same. The 4131 power is still 72 hours.

Rolex’s new 4131 clocks, with a steel version.

In terms of movement, the new 4131 movements, in the upper splint, are decorated with Geneva stripes, and the old 4130 movement is all radial patterns. According to the current news, the Jin Tuo version of the 4131 movements is only used in the Platinum Di Tong. The steel version 4131 movement in the picture above will be used on the impervious Di Tonga. As for whether there will be changes in the future, let’s look at it step by step.

The new 4131 movements, compared with the old 4130 movements.

C case, bezel part:

In the new generation of Di Tong, the size is still 40 mm, but the thickness decreases further. The new generation of Di Tong was 11.9 mm thick, which was 0.5 mm reduced from the old model. Compared with the automatic timing table of other famous watch brands, Rolex Di Tong is outstanding in controlling the thickness of the control. Regarding case details, the crown of the new generation of Ditonga is more extensive than the old swiss models replica watches.

Ceramic circle, there are metal edges.

The most apparent change in the new generation of Dittan is the bezel. The new generation of Di Tong, but the ceramic circle style has added a circle of metal edges in the outer ring of the ceramic process. The material is the same as the case. For example, the steel is the edge of the steel, and the platinum is the edge of the platinum. The advantage of the bezel is that it is easy to get in, adding a circle to the edge and a heavy guarantee to the ceramic process.

The new Dicong lakeside is compared with the old Di Tong lame.

Dial part:

The new generation of Di Tong has adjusted the details of the disk:

  1. The new generation of Dicong’s dial mini-dial has narrowed the outer circle.
  2. The new generation of Ditong adjusted the dial time marking. The new hour label is thinner and more acute. The old model looks more round.
  3. The new generation of Di Tong was held at 6 points in the dial.

In the middle of the swiss replica rolexes Made, it added a Labor “Little Crown” logo, a sign of Rolex’s replacement of a new generation of movements. From the dial alone, at 6 o’clock, there is “Little Crown,” which is the new generation of Di Tong.

In the new generation of Datong, the time label is thinner, with a small crown at 6 o’clock.

Compared to the old Di Tong market, the new Dicong has a plate surface.

The new generation of Ditonga is earlier than expected.

This year (2023), Rolex made a comprehensive renewal of Dicong. To be honest, it was expected. This year is indeed the 60th anniversary of Di Tong’s birth. Players from all walks of life initially thought that it was the launch of some “fancy” styles. I expected that it was only part of the board. This time, it was several years earlier than the original forecast. We can take a look at the cycle of Rolex’s replacement before.

Rolex’s new generation of platinum Di Tong 126506

In 1988, Di Tong won 16520 (Zhenli Time Method) →. In 2000, Di Tong had 116520 (4130 movements), 12 years.

In 2000, Di Tong 116520 → 2016 Dicong 116500 (Ceramic Circle Panda Di), 16 years.

In 2016, Di Tong was 116500 → in 2023, Dicong (Ceramic Circle, 4131 movements), seven years.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
  • Dial Color: Ice Blue Dial
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Model: 116506IBLDO
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Series: Daytona

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