Rolex Replica Watch – A Magnetic Type Of Green Glass

Ref.116400GV, as an anniversary watch, uses a green sapphire crystal mirror. There are two differences between this green sapphire crystal mirror and an ordinary sapphire crystal mirror. The first is the color; the available sapphire crystal is transparent; the second is the anti-counterfeiting laser crown laser engraved on the sapphire crystal. The sapphire crystal mirrors, newly launched by Rolex replica at the end of 2003, are engraved with laser crowns, while the green sapphire crystal mirrors do not have laser crowns. “Why is there no laser crown?” This question is not straightforward because Rolex has yet to announce it officially.

Among the dial colors of Ref.116400GV, the time scale paint used on the black dial is a two-tone style. The color of the hour markers of other models is unified into one color. The 15, 30, and 45-minute hour markers are orange, the same color as the model lettering and the lightning needle, and the other hour markers are white. The design is novel and cohesive, and has an excellent sense of presence as an anniversary model.

The antimagnetic watch Milgauss (magnetic grid type), which inherited the lightning hand (second hand) reminiscent of the first generation model and the simple design of the second generation, was reborn in 2007. The name Milgauss, whose magnetic resistance is as high as 1000 Gauss, is derived from the French word “mil”, which means 1000, and the unit of magnetic flux density is “Gauss”. The swiss models watch adopts a new magnetic resistance structure, which omits the date display, reduces the burden on the dial movement, and prevents the magnetic force from affecting the action as much as possible. In addition, the Parachrom hairspring used in the campaign has high magnetic resistance. The escape wheel and tray fork use amorphous alloy, a more durable design. Many designers refer to this movement Cal. 3131, as “one of the most high-performance movements on the market”.

The Milgauss, with a diameter of 40mm, is characterized by a thicker case than other models of the same size. The 13mm thickness is due to the built-in soft iron inner case to block magnetism, and this inner case is engraved with the letter “B” to indicate magnetic flux density. In terms of appearance, the subject and bracelet are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel called “904L steel”. The entire case of “904L steel” is solid and durable, with excellent polishing, mirror artistry, and smooth curves. Many have been impressed by the high level of technology that Rolex replica can produce beautifully, even with thick cases. In addition, “ROLEX”, “MILGAUSS,” and the crown mark are engraved on the outer periphery of the case back.

The middle part of the watch chain is mirror polished, and the buckle part adopts Rolex’s latest patented technology, “Easy Link”, which can be fine-tuned by about 5mm without any tools. The most prominent feature of Milgauss is the orange zigzag second hand, also known as the lightning needle. This “practical watch most suitable for the modern living environment” thoroughly pursues anti-magnetism.

Significant changes from previous models (Ref.1019) in the 1960s-1980s

Movement: Changed from Cal.1580 to Cal.3131.

Case: changed from 37 mm to 40 mm in diameter, and the lugs changed from through to halfway through.

Bracelet: It becomes a one-piece bracelet, the middle part changes from a matte surface to a mirror surface, and the buckle part can be fine-tuned by about 5 mm without any tools.

Dial: Increase the luminous area of the hour markers and hands, the font of the model changes from red to conspicuous orange, and there is an exclusive Rolex replica engraving on the inner wall. Luminous paint changed from (Tritium) to (Chromalight) Blue Luminous.

Crystal: Changes to green sapphire crystal.

To sum up, careful observation shows that the current cycle of new and old Rolex replica models is about ten years, whether it is movement or appearance changes. The green glass at the beginning of production in 2007 only had a black dial, and the blue dial was newly added in 2014. In addition, as Rolex's various series continue to launch the latest movements, the Airmaster, equipped with the same direction as it, also found a new model this year; it is believed to be another hot topic before the subsequent press conference. I also hope that it will perform better next time.

Model:116400 GV
Case size:40 MM
Case material:Steel
Bracelet material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial type:Black Baton

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