Replica Rolex Greenwich II Two-tone Ceramic Circle Watch

The new CERACHROM ceramic bezel is a watch launched by Rolex in Basel this time. It uses the patented technology developed by replica Rolex to make a whole bezel from two ceramic materials, one blue and one black. Blue represents Day, and black represents night. This design echoes the traditional two-tone bezel of the first GMT-Master, and GMT-Master II watches. Within the 24-hour progressive scale of the word circle, a thin layer of platinum is filled with the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology developed by Rolex.

At present, only Rolex in the world uses 904L austenitic stainless steel. There are two kinds of stainless steel in the world, one is austenitic, and the other is martensitic. Martensitic stainless steel is magnetic and has high carbon content, so Tough and generally used to make scalpels or high-end knives. Austenitic stainless steel is often used to make containers because it has no magnetism and excellent stability. Of course, many types of austenitic stainless steel, such as the standard 304, 309, 316, 316L, etc., except for Rolex and other watch brands. All use 316L stainless steel, and the 904 steel, known as the king of steel, is used in different industries except for replica Rolex. In other words, if you want to own this unique material, Rolex is the only way; although gold is more expensive than 904 steel, it is much cheaper than gold.

What good is this steel? From the composition point of view, any stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and iron. The difference between 904 steel is that 2% copper is added. Although we cannot prove what will happen after adding copper, after the actual demonstration, 904 steel is indeed more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and can withstand 23 renovations. According to a media person who has visited the Rolex swiss replica watch factory, Rolex is stringent about inspecting this material. Before, when replica Rolex checked the steel ingots that had just been smelted, they found a sand hole on one of the steel ingots. It contained a small titanium, so I immediately asked the steel factory for verification. The steel factory replied that it had smelted a batch of titanium alloys before refining this batch of steel. Whole collections of ingots were recovered and re-smelted. Although we can’t tell the difference between 904 steel and other stainless steels with the naked eye, and the cost is still three times that of 316L stainless steel, Rolex has never changed from the first use of 904 steel to the present.

  • Brand:Rolex
  • Range:GMT Master II
  • Model:116710
  • Gender:Mens
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Case Size:40 MM
  • Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
  • Dial Type:Black
  • Detailed Address:

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