How To Choose Rolex Steel Gmt Swiss Watches Replica

GMT, left-handed, black, and green are placed in other watch brands; it must be a niche, but if it is a Rolex, how should you choose?

most affordable option

It must be this blue and black circle because just changing the bezel’s color, the three watches each have a price difference of more than RMB 20,000. Moreover, compared with the blue of the classic red and blue ring, which is slightly purple, the blue of the blue and black circle is sky blue, and the GMT pointer is also the same blue.

Therefore, this blue and black color scheme may be more suitable for boys and maybe a little more challenging if girls wear it. As for the watch strap choice, boys wear plate chains, and girls wear five-bead chains. This combination is masculine for boys and handsome for girls, but the five-bead chain is slightly more expensive than the plate chain by RMB2,000.

The most attractive option

It is suitable to choose this classic red and blue circle. The nickname of this watch is also very interesting. Foreigners call it Pepsi (Pepsi Circle), and Chinese people call it Coke Circle.

And at that time, there were two versions with different red and blue bezels, and the colors were slightly different, so there were two distinctions between Mark I and Mark II in the arena. And from the perspective of dress matching, this red and blue circle is matched with a five-bead chain, and it can help you hold the aura of any clothes.

The trendiest option

Among the three Rolex all-steel GMT watches currently on sale, it has the highest premium. And this brand-new color matching launched in 2022; look at the black part; it seems like the small green GMT needle, and only look at the green part; it seems like the hot green water ghost.

But this left-handed watch is only suitable for some right-handed users. It would help to have a flexible left hand to adjust the time and date and turn the crown. In addition, the 3285 movement it carries is equipped with a blue antimagnetic hairspring and a high-performance shock absorber. It has 70-hour dynamic storage, 100 meters waterproof, and a built-in rubber ring, so you can wear it for swimming without any problem.

Although it is only 2,000 yuan more expensive than the official price of the other two swiss fake watches, the transaction price in the secondary market has been around RMB 150,000 since it was released last year. There are two reasons. First, Rolex left-handed watches are scarce, and only this one is currently on sale. For the second most trendy people, this classic Rolex green is the goal they are chasing.

Finally, in the past three years, whether your swiss watch replica has the GMT function, I believe that most people have not used it. And as everything returns to normal this year, everyone can walk around without worries.

Model: M126720VTNR-0002
Dial Color: Black Dial
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Band Length: 18cm
Brand: Rolex
Series: GMT-Master

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