DAYTONA Detailed Strategy Swiss Replica Watches


In 1988, Rolex completely changed the COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA series and launched the Ref. 165XX series, equipped with an automatic movement provided by Zenith, the size was also changed from the original 39MM to 40MM, the watch mirror was upgraded to sapphire glass, and the middle of the strap was Also available in high gloss finish.

This change is a watershed for distinguishing medieval and modern Daytona. In addition to the movement change, the appearance has also been significantly changed. The size is increased by 1MM, the black rubber ring is canceled and replaced with a unified steel/gold ring, shoulder pads are added to the head position, and the observatory certification logo is added to the dial at noon, except for the LOGO. The COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA logo is still retained. The water resistance has also been raised to the 100M standard for more modern configurations.


Limited by cost, Zenith’s El Primero 400 is used as the basis for the movement, and up to 200 improvements have been made to its El Primero movement, including: In addition to changes in materials and polishing, the more critical changes: Rolex made the El Primero The pendulum frequency is reduced from 36,000 to 28,800, 52 hours of power, 31 jewel bearings; the calendar device of El Primero is removed; the original flat hairspring of ELPRIMERO is changed to a Breguet-style end-winding hairspring, and a non-caliber weight balance wheel is used. The improved ELPRIMERO movement was named the 4030 automatic chronograph movement by Rolex.


In terms of style, Rolex has considerably extended Daytona and produced various kinds. In addition to the conventional steel models, black and white, inter-gold, belt gold shell, gold belt gold shell, there are many more dials. The selection of unique, gemstone, and diamond-encrusted dials has increased. The second-generation Daytona does have a lot of ways to choose from.


Like this platinum case, the dial is made of sodalite. It is also a common practice for watch replicas brands to combine sports swiss replica watches with gemstone dials to increase their gold content. In addition to the traditional unique gemstone dials, some special ones are also slowly emerging. There are many artificial gimmicks, such as the early porcelain surface, jumping characters, pastizzi surface, inverted 6, and color-changing circles.

Among many Daytonas, judging from the current market situation, the gold 16523 is the cheapest style among all Daytonas. The saying that gold is not as good as steel has a long history, especially in the circle of antique players. Intergold recognition is low, and the price gap between steel and gold models is enormous.

And some steel models with unique dials are sought after by players but limited by the movement; the overall market gap with hand-rolled di is still huge, and it is a transitional style that could be more flattering at both ends.


At the Basel Watch Fair in 2000, Rolex launched the fully self-produced Daytona 1165XX series, equipped with a self-produced automatic chronograph movement Cal. 4130. Finally, it made Rolex a firm position in the clock. The integrated module is more stable than most competing movements and has been the best movement among all automatic timepieces for many years.

116520 Gangdi also has a lot of ways to play. Since the production period is 16 years, the configurations differ in different periods, such as the fine needle cream surface, APH surface in the early stage, and the blue light buckle that appeared later. Differentiate by price.

Cal.4130 parameters: automatic winding, 44 diamonds, 201 parts, 72 hours of power, 28800 vibration frequency, vertical guide wheel column system, para flex blue hairspring, fine-tuning screw balance wheel, 30 minutes/12 hours timing display.


For the Daytona with a new movement, the small second dial is changed from nine to six o’clock, and the positions of the left and right small seconds dials are also raised so that they are no longer aligned with the central axis. Part of the case has been polished and polished instead of brushed. The overall shell shape will be fatter than before, but the thickness has mostly stayed the same, and it is even a little thinner because of the self-produced movement.


According to internal rumors of Rolex, Daytona is the favorite watch worn by high-level administrators. It is elegant and comfortable.

And 116520 also changed the sales model of Rolex counters, opened the most familiar tie-in model, and there was a situation where the goods could not be bought at a public price, and then began to match other Rolex and now match Tudor.


Because the 4130 is too good, the new 116500 was replaced in 2016, and this movement is still used. The unique style is replaced with a new Cerachrom ceramic bezel, and the scale of the outer ring has been changed. Since the black outer ring is re-launched, everyone is also kind. Call him “Panda Di.” The new Daytona is still on sale due to the high standardization of the factory. There is not much exceptional gameplay, but the price is also ridiculously high, basically doubled.


In addition to the regular style changes, Rolex launched the 116518 gold tape version of Daytona in 2017, which has become increasingly popular recently. It also became popular after Shawn Yue wore the same style when he got married and was nicknamed “Shawn Yue” noodles by everyone. The tape configuration has been a popular choice for everyone in recent years. Under its hype, the price has approached some Daytona with all-precious metal straps.

Many people need to understand why tape watches can be sold so expensive. You can see that Patek Philippe grenades and Richard Mille are also made of tape, and these styles often require super labor prices to buy. In terms of cost alone, is video more expensive than steel belts or even precious metals?


This is the charm of luxury goods. The actual cost of materials is not the key to luxury goods, but the added value everyone can recognize is the core that determines the price.

The light weight of the tape is also reflected in the wearing comfort. It is heavy and uncomfortable to wear Daikin daily, and it is easy to be bumped and scratched. The tape reduces many unnecessary troubles.


Of course, there are exceptions to everything, such as this “Rainbow Di” inlaid with seven-color diamonds and the ceiling of Daytona. Cousins can’t refuse these beautiful gems. Women will cry when they see them, and men will pay for them—package (if the price is public).

A senior told me before that how to judge the market of Rolex can only look at the price of Daytona because he is the benchmark of Rolex. He is a very status series among all Rolex, his output is stable, and the world recognized good watch.

Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Series: Daytona
Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Model: 116595RBOW
Dial Color: Black Dial
Movement: Automatic

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