History Of Evolution Of Rolex Greenwood II Watches Replica

As an upgraded version of the Greenwich Type Ⅱ, its first generation of REF.16760 appeared around 1982, the same period as the Grindorite ⅠRef. 16750. To distinguish between Greenni -type Ⅰ, the bezel color of the REF.16760 is only a red and black cola circle, and the REF.16750 in the same period is a red and blue pneumatic circle and a monochrome black circle. The first-generation GMT -type ⅡRef. 16760 movement is 3085, which can be rotated clockwise when operating separately. The combination of the bezel can realize the time of 3 countries. In addition, the mirror of the REF.16750 in the same period is plastic, and the REF.16760 is a sapphire spectrum. From here, it can be seen that Greenwich II is an upgraded version. The first generation of Grindini Ⅱ was called [FAT LADY] abroad. The origin of the name was thicker than other GMT -type cases at the time (the average thickness was 12mm, and the REF.16760 was 12.5mm). The luminous coatings used in the time label and clockwise are bright, and [SWISS -T <25] are marked at six o’clock. It was discontinued around 1988. It was only produced for about five years. The number of circulation on the market was relatively small. As a scarce number of popular antique sports watches replica, it was well-loved by watchmakers.

After that, the second-generation Greenwich Type IIREF.16710 inherited the sapphire watch of the first generation of Grinding -type Ⅱ and was equipped with better performance movements 3185 and 3186. With the end of 1999, REF.16710 also inherited its red and blue crime circle and monochrome black circle. Therefore, the bezel of Ref.16710 after 1999 has three colors. Ref.16710 was produced in 2007. Even if it has been discontinued now, it still maintains very high popularity, especially the red and blue patchwork circle. By the way, briefly introduce the details of Ref.16710 in its about 17 years.

  • 1995: The buckle changes from a single hook to a double pin.
  • From 1998 to 1999: luminous coatings change from Tritium brilliant to Luminova luminous. The specific manifestation on the dial is the label of 6 o’clock from [SWISS-T <25] to [SWISS], and eventually, it becomes it. [Swiss Made].
  • 2000: The head of the bracelet and the case connection forms a whole.
  • 2003: Six o’clock in the mirror, add the anti-counterfeit laser crown. In the same year, the perforation of the ears changed from penetrating to semi-penetration.

There are also some rare dials in Ref.16710. According to the writing of Roman Number II in [GMT-Master II], there are two straight stick dials and rectangular dials like rectangles. These two are more convenient than conventional The market of Ref.16710 will be slightly higher.

In addition, when the REF.16710 is about to discontinue production, the models of some Z -headed and M -shaped swiss models replica watches are also equipped with the movement 3186. The movements 3185 and 3186 can be judged clockwise. The 24-hour (GMT pointer) constantly trembles the 3185 trends; the more stable one is the 3186 movement. If you are interested, you can find it. In addition, the number of watches equipped with the REF.16710 m with a 3186 campaign is minimal; the excellent state and the complete set of certificate boxes are highly evaluated in the market.

  • Series: Gmt Master Ii
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Model: 16710PEPSI
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Band Color: Silver-tone

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