Best Fake Rolex Long Voyager

Let’s talk about the Rolex Vertical Navigator today. It has been made of 18K gold since its production. It is conceivable that Rolex has a very high positioning for it. It is also because of this that it is self-evident that the target audience is self-evident. Still, after that, the oyster steel series was also produced, so more people began to look up to the vertical sailer series.

It uses the innovative concept and technology of the dog-tooth bezel designed by Rolex. It selects functions through rotation, which achieves luxury and is easy to operate, reflecting the idea of integrating nobility and practicality.

This is also a watch that combines best fake Rolex tradition and innovation. While adopting traditional design also adds the crystallization of Rolex’s innovative technology, using 14 patented technologies, including five newly obtained proprietary technologies.

The year of manufacture of oyster steel is 2017, and the appearance of the five-baht chain will be in 2021.

The “Sky-Dweller” has the most complicated mechanical device in the history of Rolex, and its seemingly simple design is a watch replicas unmatched by any other model. The 24-hour system is indicated by the red ▽ mark in the center of the dial, while the month is indicated by the red color of the small window outside the time scale. It is incredibly delicate, and it can be said that it is a robust model that realizes Rolex’s deliberation.

Next, let me introduce how to use it: If the second-hand does not move, turn the crown toward 6 o’clock. After unscrewing it, hang it toward noon, about 30-40 times, which means the mainspring is wound successfully.

Setting ① Pull the crown. The crown of other models with a calendar can be pulled twice, one for the calendar and two for the calibration time. The vertical sailer is only designed for one section to reduce the burden on the parts.

Setting ② Rotate the bezel. Rotate the bezel counterclockwise (if the bezel has been rotated to other positions, you can rotate the bezel forward to the zero position). Turning the crown will not change anything when the bezel is at zero work.

Turn the bezel position counterclockwise to one, then turn the crown to correct the date and month. Rotatable at both 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. Because there are no 30 days in February, the calendar needs to be checked once a year. If you use it sparingly, you must proofread it several times.

Then turn the bezel position counterclockwise to three; the second-hand stops, and the time can be corrected. The 24-hour dial will follow the time to show whether the set time is day or night.

Let me explain here that the minute and second hands are the same worldwide. If you want to set the 24-hour dial to other countries, select the 24-hour dial to the foreign time and then rotate the bezel to the second position.

Turn the bezel to the second position, and you will find that the second-hand starts to move; then, turn the crown; you will find that only the hour hand can move, and you can check the time at the location. Finally, tighten the crown. Of course, you can also set the 24-hour small dial to local time and the large dial to foreign time.

  • Series: Sky-dweller
  • Model: m326934-0003
  • Band Length: 19.5cm
  • Band Width: 21mm
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Gender: Men’s

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