Why Do People Who Like To Buy Rolexes Say They Are Lazy? Fake Rolex

After seeing this title, many watch friends will be confused. How can people who like to buy Rolexes be lazy? What is the inevitable connection between laziness and liking Rolexes? Be patient for a while. There are three reasons. Today, I will tell you in detail.

Although it is overpriced, the quantity is large.

Watch friends who like to buy Rolexes know that the chances of getting popular models in stores are slim, and even if you add bundled sales, you have to wait a long time. Fortunately, the quantity of goods in the secondary market is significant. Although most of them are overpriced, as long as you have enough money, you don’t have to worry about not getting the model you want.

So people who like to buy Rolexes are indolent. They will only spend some time negotiating with sales and waiting in line. When they see spot goods in the secondary market, they usually buy them directly. Anyway, the liquidity and value preservation are there.

Less trouble in repair

Rolex watches rarely have complex functions because the more straightforward the function, the smaller the chance of problems with the movement. The green Submariner, extremely popular in the second-hand market, is a classic representative of Rolex’s simple style. It focuses on diving functions and adds a calendar window at most.

Rolex’s equally popular date and day calendar models are also available. Except for the calendar and week display, no more configurations will be available.

In addition, all Rolex watches use the Oyster case, one of its very mature watchmaking technologies. This unified watch structure is also a critical factor that makes Rolex challenging to damage.

To ensure the source of high-quality precious metals, Rolex chose to build its gold foundry. The brand’s 18ct gold, white gold, and Everose gold alloy come from its gold foundry. At the same time, the brand also has its R&D laboratory. From the production and testing of watch parts to the purity of diamonds and the ratio of various steels and gold, everything must be strictly controlled by the laboratory, which is also one effective means of improving the durability of watches. Rolex replica watches.

Lazy people choose mechanical watches because they want to save effort and worry. Advanced tool watches like Rolex meet lazy people’s requirements when choosing watches.

Not much change in style

Regarding style change, Rolex may have reached the point of being rotten in the eyes of people who don’t understand watches. Apart from the color, it is difficult to judge the apparent changes in appearance. Last year’s transparent ice blue and 1908 models are already a significant “breakthrough.”

The voices complaining about Rolex’s complacency and adherence to the rules have never weakened, but Rolex, which likes to tinker with details, still insists on innovating in hidden places.

For example, the one-piece Oyster structure with excellent waterproof performance, the 360-degree swinging perpetual rotor (one of the representatives of modern automatic watch systems), the blue niobium hairspring with far better shock resistance and anti-magnetic properties than ordinary hairsprings, and the Oysterflex rubber strap with built-in metal elastic sheet.

Perpetual rotor

After years of repeated struggles with details, the brand has also achieved its hard power and gained a stable audience. The exterior design remains unchanged, but it deepens people’s impression of the watch, especially the popular models like Submariner and DD. Looking at the appearance, you can tell it is a fake Rolex. How many brands of watches can be recognized at a glance without looking at the logo and name?

Combining the above three points, people who like to buy Rolex are lazy. They need to be more active in studying value retention and research style and do more maintenance on the watch because a Rolex watch can solve these troubles.

Series: Submariner
Band Width: 20mm
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Model: 114060-97200
Brand: Rolex

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