Why Do People Like Rolex Fake Green Water Ghost Watches?

Rolex is famous for its excellent and reliable performance. Many people have heard of it in our life. And most of our people’s first high-end watches, more than 60% of people will choose Rolex because Rolex has been a great tool in many places and times. The famous “water ghost” is the first card prop inside numerous Rolex fake. “Water Dweller” first refers to the “Sea-Dweller”, and then “Submariner”, which did not take a helium discharge valve, has also been assigned to the “water dweller” category. And now, almost as long as they grow into “so”, most friends are called “water ghosts”.

Rolex submarine series 116610LN(black) mechanical men’s watch is known as Rolex fake black water ghost. Its Oyster case strengthened the three anti characteristics, whether dustproof, waterproof, or shockproof, can resist, and not everyone can open the case. To open the oyster shell must be 5 Newton /M torque can be. Such a shell can be highly effective in protecting the movement and ensuring the accuracy of the degree, enough to let people trust.

The crown is a three-button lock chain crown to protect the movement from water and dust. When tightened, the Oyster’s case is completely sealed, like the sealed door of a submarine. The unidirectional rotation of the outer ring allows divers to record the diving time accurately, and only the unidirectional process is to avoid miscounting the water time and oxygen allowance. The 300M waterproof effect combined with the protection of the Oyster shell makes it an excellent choice for outdoor sports. Instant calendar plus Rolex personality blister calendar window can see the date. The function is the same as other diving swiss fake watches. Still, people need to find a way to compare the pressure resistance, whether the shell for waterproof support or solid material makes water ghost different from other diving tables. Rolex fake Greenwater Ghost is the 116610LV submarine with a green ceramic ring and gold surface.

It’s just a little black and a little green, and all the configurations and designs are the same. But it costs ten percent more just because it’s a different color. Just from an aesthetic point of view, green is not a good color to match. No matter whether you are wearing a formal suit of the president’s line or a simple case of the forced warm man, with such a green water ghost, others will always think your watch is very eye-catching and will be greeted by the green Rolex fake water ghost in your hand, which is very out of step. Of course, I have asked a few who like to take green ghost player, straightforward answer: becauseI’m fantastic! Yes, it is also because of the personality of the green water ghost color set that its price doubled.

  • Brand:Rolex
  • Range:Submariner
  • Model:116610 LV
  • Gender:Mens
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Case Size:40 MM
  • Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
  • Dial Type:Green
  • Detailed address:

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