What Is The Level Of Rolex’s “Entry Watch”? Swiss Watches Replica

In the past, we always talked about Rolex’s popular watches. Still, due to limited supply, many popular Rolex watches have a substantial market price and are difficult to buy, which makes it difficult for players who like Rolex. In this environment, I would like to talk to you about the Rolex “entry watch” 39mm Oyster Perpetual, model 114300, which has a relatively low public price among Rolex (men’s watches) and is relatively easy to buy.

Rolex 114300 Oyster Perpetual Purple Dial

Launched in 2015, Rolex 114300 is the first 39mm Oyster Perpetual launched by Rolex (previously, it was mainly 36mm). When Rolex 114300 was launched, it also caused quite a stir because 114300 mainly featured color plates. At that time, it featured blue, gray, and purple plates. Later, black and white plates were added (the 34mm 114200 also had a green plate). The color dial is fashionable and beautiful, and the Oyster Perpetual is Rolex’s entry-level watch. The public price of 114300 is 44300, lower than the general price of Rolex’s various sports watches, DJs, etc., so many people buy it. Swiss watches replica.

Rolex’s new Oyster Perpetual is available in various sizes: 39 mm, 36 mm, 34 mm, 31 mm, and 26 mm.


The Rolex 114300 steel case is 39 mm, the same size as Tanyi. Now, the new Rolex models have also slightly increased their sizes. For example, the new DJ is 41 mm, the new platinum yacht is 42 mm, the new Sea-Dweller is 43 mm, and the 114300 is one of the few Rolex men’s watches below 40 mm (such as 39 Millimeter Tanyi, 39mm Cellini, 36mm DJ).

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 has a 39mm case.

The 114300 Oyster Perpetual uses a standard Oyster case. Compared with the sporty case, the lugs of the Oyster Perpetual are relatively narrow. The 114300 case is brushed on the front, polished on the sides, and uses a raised polished bezel. The 114300 Oyster Perpetual watch mirror also slightly protrudes from the bezel. Since 114300 is a large three-hand watch without any additional functions, the watch’s thickness is thinner than that of the DJ with the calendar and is the lightest among Rolex Oyster case watches. Although the Oyster Perpetual series is not a sports watch in Rolex’s classification, due to the use of an Oyster case, 114300 prefers the formal, classic route but also has a sense of sportiness. It is 100 meters waterproof. Best replica watches.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a refined three-hand watch and maintains Rolex’s purest Oyster watch design.


The most prominent feature of Rolex 114300 is the color plate. It’s not unusual for Rolex to play with color plates. Many of Rolex’s watches in the past had color plates and color-label versions. For example, in the past, the old 34mm Airbus had record-patterned colored time scales, orange dials, pink dials, etc. This time, purple is the most eye-catching among the 114300 Oyster Perpetual blue, gray, purple, and other disks. The purple disk 114300 is known as the “purple grape” and is well-known. However, some people think this purple color is less stable than blue or gray when worn by men, so fewer people buy it.

The three primary colors of the Rolex 39mm Oyster Perpetual 114300.

The 114300 disk is very well done. There are delicate sun patterns on the colored disk, and the patterns show up under the light, which is very beautiful. In addition to the crown at noon, there are luminous time scales at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock on the disk and three-dimensional strip time scales at other positions. These Rolex hour markers are all made of white gold. This is the same whether it is the entry-level Oyster Perpetual or the all-gold DD. At the same time, we can see tiny red squares at the end of the time scale. Only the words Rolex in English, Oyster Perpetual in English, and Super Astronomical Certification are printed on the disk. Because it is a pure three-hand watch without a calendar, the 114300 Oyster Perpetual dial is very harmonious and balanced.

Fewer people bought the 114300 purple disk than the blue and gray ones.


Rolex 114300 Oyster Perpetual uses caliber 3132 (3135 minus the calendar). Nowadays, Rolex has widely replaced the new generation 32 series (3235, etc.) movements. Most Rolex has used the latest generation 32 series movements (3235, etc.). The 114300 Oyster Perpetual is one of the few Rolexes still using the 31 series movement. In addition to the Oyster Perpetual, the current Submariner, Tanyitaner, Airmaster, Lightning Needle, etc., also uses the 31 series movement.

Rolex’s new caliber 3235, 32 series.

Rolex’s new generation 32 series movement (3235) has been upgraded regarding escapement, spring, and automatic winding mechanism. Use new CHRONERGY escapement, ball bearing automatic rotor, enlarged spring, etc. The most intuitive improvement is that the power reserve reaches 70 hours, exceeding the 48 hours of the 31 series movement.

Rolex caliber 3135, 31 series.

Whether caliber 31 or caliber 32, you don’t have to worry too much. Because all Rolex movements currently, the 32 movements and the 31 movements have the Super Observatory standard, the error is -2/+2 seconds per day. The new generation of 32 movement does use new technology, and the essential gear train layout and 31 movement have also changed. But like the core balance wheel and hairspring, the 32 and 31 movements are the same. In other words, the new Generation 32 movement is outstanding. The previous generation 31 movement is already very stable and excellent. Except for the different power lengths, the travel time performance is consistent. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about the movement of Rolex watches.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 uses the 31 series 3132 movement.

Regarding actual wearing, my own 32 movements and 31 movements are very accurate (both have green tags) and can be maintained at -2/+2 seconds per day. Although some occasionally exceed -2/+2 seconds of the Rolex Super Observatory over the years, Rolex is the most accurate and reassuring watch among luxury watches.

Watch chain

Rolex 114300 Oyster Perpetual uses an Oyster bracelet. Since it is Rolex’s entry-level watch, the buckle of the Oyster Perpetual does not have a quick fine-adjustment function. You can’t fold the end section for fine-tuning like DJ, nor can you slide and fine-tune like Submariner. The 114300 Oyster Perpetual clasp can only be fine-tuned using tools. After all, the public price of the Oyster Perpetual is here, which is understandable.

Rolex 114300 Oyster Perpetual uses an Oyster bracelet, and the buckle does not have a quick-adjust function.

The public price of the 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 is RMB 44,300. Although Rolex also has a 36mm Oyster Perpetual 116000 with a general price of RMB 41,700, men’s watches cost more than RMB 39, so 114,300 is the public price of Rolex. One of the lowest men’s watches (discounts, exchange rates, secondary market, and other factors depend on individual circumstances). In the public price range of more than 40,000, many options like Omega, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Zenith, Cartier, etc. are of the same level. For example, diving watches include Omega’s Seamaster 300m; flight watches include IWC’s Flying Gauge, which has a lower public price and Mark; formal watches include Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Masters; and Cartier has a strong sense of design. Compared to the previous watches with distinctive features, the Rolex 114300 is a “universal oil” used in all aspects. Although the 114300 Oyster Perpetual does not have outstanding unique features, it can be used for formal wear, leisure, and sports. Compared with Rolex’s popular watches, the Oyster Perpetual is more accessible to buy. So if you prefer a different style, an 114300 can solve all problems.

Series: Oyster Perpetual
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Length: 18cm
Brand: Rolex
Model: m114300-0002
Gender: Unisex
Movement: Automatic

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