What? Best Fake Rolex Production Boost Or Price Cut?

Hello, everyone. Recently, many foreign media have been spreading the news. What’s the word? Even best fake Rolex is rumored to be boosting production by 30%, thanks to opening a new factory in Bier, Switzerland. Rolex’s new plant, which began construction in 2021, will start in the first quarter of 2023. The new plant, Rolex’s fifth, will increase movement production by 25 percent that year. Because of its increased production will it affect the price of Rolex watches? Will there be a price reduction?

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Most players welcomed the news that Rolex will increase production by 30%. Meanwhile, some players are skeptical of the information, saying that best fake Rolex is already at its maximum output and that increasing production by 30% is impossible. But some Rolex players in Switzerland have also posted pictures of Rolex’s new factory.

Of course, another point of view is that the new factory will focus on producing rudder movement (MT series movement). It will be the rudder movement as a “general movement”, a large number of supplies to other watch brands. The activity is concentrated in a new factory, freeing up more best fake Rolex production.

I think best fake Rolex will increase production, not by how much, but it will increase productivity. Why else would a new factory be built? Is it for people to see?

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What is the change in the production of famous watches during the epidemic?

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In the previous two years, the Swiss luxury watch brand, affected by the global epidemic, intermittent production also led to a decline in production. Now the production of luxury watches in Switzerland has been largely restored. According to Morgan Stanley, best fake Rolex production has recovered from 810,000 to 1,050,000; Patek Philippe recovered from 53,000 to 68,000; Longo’s show has recovered from 3,800 to 5,000. So, the annual production of Rolex is no problem, more than a million.

We can also see from our domestic situation, including best fake Rolex, compared with the beginning of this year, the market of luxury watches in circulation has increased significantly.

Have best fake Rolex watch prices come down after all?

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From the beginning of the middle of this year, with Rolex popular money as a representative, domestic watch overall prices are falling. There are two core reasons. The first is that supply and circulation have increased. Second, the general economic situation is not very good.

In the previous two years, the supply of best fake Rolex was not so much. Many merchants and speculators, seeing the scarcity and profit of Rolex and other popular watches, flocked to the market at once (even some people came from outside the famous watch industry). During this period, Rolex was popular with merchants, speculators, and a large number of buyers. Lead to general players, consumers, who can not usually buy Rolex.

Rolex is famous in the business, speculators constantly changing hands, one level to push up the price; it can say that the period, a large part of the famous Rolex is in the business, speculators, trading with each other, beat the drum, the most table is not to the actual players, consumers in the hands. Use a word of my friend to say, buy best fake Rolex. At that time, all were merchants; the market was so high general people early “couldn’t afford” Rolex.

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The problem arises when the market is pushed “out of reach” over time.

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On the one hand, the funds of many businesses and speculators are borrowed and raised. The money will be paid back when it is due. At this time, Rolex hoarding is faced with the problem of selling. There is a saying that only when the table is pressed will there be a market. Because everyone is pressing the watch, there is no circulating watch on the market, this watch I bid 1 million, I bid 10 million, it doesn’t matter. In the face of selling, it is necessary to reduce the price to the acceptable price of the market. When one person sells, the overall market will be affected once the market declines.

On the other hand, from the middle of this year’s epidemic in the first half of this year, Rolexes that could not be generally sold on counters began to arrive and start to be traded on the counter. So the supply will come in at once. With a large amount of circulation on the market, represented by best fake Rolex, watch prices will begin to decline.

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Because let’s not forget richard mille replica Rolex produces over a million a year.

Rolex production of more than 1 million is the same level of watches, the highest output. Like Wanguo, their annual production is more than 100,000 (about 130,000, 140,000). Therefore, it is inevitable that best fake Rolex will not be a “scarce” watch.

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What is “really scarce”? Patek Philippe 5711A, This kind of watch, is scarce; because 5711A, at this stage, is really out of production. Under normal circumstances, the annual output of Rolex is 1 million to 1 million. Even if Rolex is a popular sports model, many people like it, and demand exceeds supply; other conventional Rolex will not be very scarce. Especially with the new best fake Rolex factory. We hope the Rolex watches will return to normal as soon as possible. If you don’t buy them, I won’t buy them. It’s going to go down another 500 tomorrow. Well, that’s all for this program. Bye.

  • Brand:Rolex
  • Range:Daytona
  • Model:116518
  • Gender:Mens
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Case Size:40 MM
  • Case Material:316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material:Brown Leather
  • Dial Type:Gold
  • Detailed address:

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